Boston Bombing Conspiracy Theories – The backpack analyses

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The backpacks

A lot of scrutiny has been paid to the backpacks that the suspects carried and those that were found at the bombing scenes. Almost all of the backpack examinations are part of the “Dzhokhar Was Framed” conspiracy theories, but I think they deserve analyses of their own. Here are some of the backpack examinations that gathered steam.

1) The picture of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev fleeing the bombing scene has been doctored to remove his backpack

This video claims to show that the photograph that David Greene took on his cell phone was doctored to photoshop out the backpack Dzhokhar was carrying. I do not know enough about photoshopping to debunk this but others in the comments have pointed out that digital images often have an effect that is called “ghosting” that can be the cause for the pixelation that 2Minstral claims to see. Additionally, there is a debunker video for those who know and understand digital photography. All conspiracy theory has some element of harm in it, be it twisting or obfuscating the truth to actively destroying the lives of innocent people. This theory has led to a sort of online pillory of David Greene, the man who took the picture, as some people accuse him of altering his own photo.  Some of the theories indicate that the FBI was responsible for photoshopping this picture.  But Greene has still caught blowback from people who accuse him of wrongdoing.

This theory also feeds into the sixth backpack theory I discuss, as there is belief that there is a conspiracy to hide the fact that Dzhokhar left the bombing scene with the same backpack he was seen wearing in the surveillance video.  2) The backpacks the suspects carried do not match the one that held the bomb
This one is the easiest to debunk. I ask anyone to find an official source that says the backpack in the umpteen million analyses of backpacks was actually determined to have carried a bomb. I’ll wait, and I’ll be waiting a long time because there isn’t anything from any official source that says that black backpack ever carried a bomb. I searched for hours and could find nothing that ever indicated that there had been any official word or acknowledgement that the backpack pictured in all the online analyses was the one that carried the bomb. The picture was discovered by armchair crime scene analysts online, likely after it was initially featured on Fox News. Fox News verified that the pictures were indeed from the the FBI investigation, which is true.

I posit that many people, including the amateur sleuths online, saw reports similar to this one and assumed that pack in the photo montage was the actual backpack that carried the bomb. The pictures were “legitimate from the scene” but at no point did anyone ever say that was the backpack – in fact, it was said that pieces of the fabric of the pack that carried the bomb were recovered. The pack in that picture is torn up, but it is hardly fragments of fabric and given the completely appalling media failures that occurred at the beginning of the investigation, it is safe to assume this was another information failure. The picture doesn’t even match the description the talking head assigns to it.

The first I saw of it was on the Find Boston Bombers subReddit, which has since been deleted. It was posted by an arm chair crime scene analyst who likely watched the Fox News or CNN reports and misunderstood that the backpack was not verified as having carried a bomb, but rather was just verified as coming from the crime scene.  Other online amateurs followed suit and in the game of Telephone that has become the Boston Marathon Bombing investigation, that picture somehow became The Backpack That Carried the Bomb.  Please note that this is my assumption of how the rumor about the backpacks got started.  I’m sure there could be other ways this rumor got off the ground.

Moreover, from the FBI site, they themselves had this to say about the matter:

Among items partially recovered are pieces of black nylon—which could be from a backpack—and what appear to be fragments of BBs and nails possibly contained in a pressure cooker device.

Boston Marathon Bomb PhotosThe FBI labels what they found to be black nylon and qualify the potential source. They later say that the bombs were placed at the scenes in dark backpacks but never explain how they came to that conclusion – one assumes they know this from the videos they claim to have of the brothers Tsarnaev dropping off the packs. But at no time does the FBI indicate the pack in all these pictures is the pack that held the bomb and their description of pieces of black nylon recovered is quite a different thing than the better part of an entire pack.

Additionally, the FBI site itself shows no sign of ever having released the picture of the backpack as the pack that held a bomb.  Some of the pictures of the tattered backpack online sport “FBI” in the lower left hand corner but I can see no proof anywhere that the FBI released that picture to show that it contained a bomb.  It was just part of their photographs from the crime scene.  This is just one of hundreds of examples online wherein a news source says FBI officials “believe” the backpack “may have contained one of the bombs.”  People also believe in fairies and I may be the Queen of England.  Until specific verbiage is used and the FBI site or a known FBI official on the case states that the backpack was used to hold a bomb, all these comparisons mean nothing.

On a more mundane level, reason might dictate that a backpack that carried the bomb would have been blown apart or burned into ashes, leaving only pieces or fragments of fabric behind. If the fact that no investigative entity has indicated the backpack was part of the investigation does not debunk the backpack analyses, then perhaps the fact that it was so intact after a pressure cooker bomb containing nails, bbs and other debris blew up inside of it should have been a heads-up. Still, here are the theories around that backpack.

Backpack no matchThere are those who compare the recovered backpack to both the packs worn by the brothers. With some authority these analyses indicate that the pack recovered could not have been the packs the brothers wore. Even though the backpack was never officially identified as being the pack the bomb was in, the pictures used to make these comparisons that prove the pack could not belong to Tamerlan are from the same surveillance camera images that made it impossible to tell if the number on Dzhokhar’s hat was a 7 or a 3 (later, clearer pictures showed it was a 3). It is folly to use such a shot to determine much of anything regarding the detail of the packs, including color gradations between black and gray because the lighting and film quality did not pick up color vibrancy. The color is so shaky that many say Dzhokhar was carrying a white pack when it appears gray in the photos. It is simply impossible to use surveillance images to determine details from a pack that was recorded in motion.

3) The backpack found on the scene matches the “Craft Agents” backpacks
210413hack1Online sleuths have found an image of an alleged Craft International operative who, after the bombs went off, was supposedly running without his backpack. The implication is that his backpack was the one carrying the bomb. Online analyses of the Craft Operatives backpacks compared to the backpack found on the scene indicate that the packs may be very similar. But that brings us back to the fact that the backpack so many are insisting was the backpack found at the second bombing site has never been verified by anyone associated with the investigation. That means people are comparing the Craft backpacks with debris found on the ground.

But even if the backpack had been identified as the one carrying one of the bombs, there are other elements that could debunk this theory.
–To my naked eye, I cannot really see whether or not the man in question has a backpack slung over his shoulder.  The straps are the same color as his jacket and his body could be blocking our view of it.
–I cannot place where that photograph was taken and no one who touts this theory has explained it, either. Was it taken next to the SUV the alleged Craft Agents drove to the scene? If so, perhaps the man put his pack in the SUV. Had he handed the pack off to someone else before the picture was taken of him? Who knows?
There are simply too many variables unanswered for anyone to jump to the conclusion that this man planted the backpack with the bomb.

I will also be discussing the Craft International/False Flag theory as soon as I can.

4) The Guy with the Beard’s backpack is a match
Armchair crime scene analysts picked out this bearded man in a blue fleece jacket as having a backpack that is a seeming match for the one found at the bombing site. BG2guiQAnd they’re right – they look similar. But since I have already shown above that at no time did any official agency say that the pack in the picture ever held a bomb, the similarities are meaningless.

But even if you believe whole-heartedly that the backpack in all these analyses carried the bomb, you need to have more information before you start circling a man’s face and touting him as a bomber who killed a child. Ask yourselves the following:
–Do we know what brand the backpack was?
–Do we know how many backpacks of that brand in this color were sold?
–Were they sold regionally, meaning they would only have been sold in one area and therefore it wasn’t a common pack to see in Boston?
–Were they a big seller all over the country and therefore many people could have been carrying that same pack at the marathon?
Until we know such things, a man having a backpack similar to anything pictured at the crime scene means little.  It takes a while for actual investigators to get information like this and people hate to wait, I understand that.  But at the same time, perhaps it is best to wait until we know such things before we start circling the head of a man who was just awkwardly standing around with a backpack.

5) The New York Post was right – the bombs were in the packs belonging to the two dark-skinned, Muslim men
NEW-YORK-POST-bag_menIt is tiresome that even after the FBI cleared teenaged track star and high school student Salah Barhoum and his coach, Yassine Zaimi, from being involved in the attacks that people are still discussing them. But then again, if you believe that the bombings were a false flag and the Tsarnaev brothers were set up, you may think that these two young men were the bombers and are somehow being protected by the US government, even though neither were on the scene when the bombs went off. The pictures of them in many media sources, and the video I will discuss, place them at the finish line moments before the bomb went off. Not true.


so many circles

It’s hard to combat such ideas with proof, especially since so many people have spent so much time MS Painting so many circles and wavy lines on so many pictures.

circles are proof!
wavy lines and circles? close the books on this one, boys!

No one wants to hear that the pictures of Barhoum and Zaimi were taken hours before the blast because their backpacks look so full. It has to be them because their packs look so heavy, even though they left the marathon hours before the bombs went off. Wavy lines trump reason.

We have this really creepy video that attempts to prove that the student runner and his coach were the bombers. This video insists that the man at the first bombing scene, the man with the tattered pants who ran quickly after the blast, is the coach, Yassine Zaimi. It doesn’t pass even the most incredulous levels of proof-seeking because the pictures of both being at the scene were taken approximately two hours before the first bomb went off. This video also misidentifies one of the female victims, Lingzi Lu, as being in front of Yassine Zaimi before the blast. That’s not her, full stop. The man who was filmed running had on a short sleeve shirt and Zaimi was wearing a long sleeve jacket – we’ve seen pictures of bombing victims in long sleeves and none of them had their entire sleeves blown away. Not even pants were completely blown off, though many were tattered. The video also asserts that the picture with Lingzi Lu allegedly standing in front of Yassine Zaimi was taken shortly before the blast, as Zaimi had placed his bag on the ground and accidentally set it off. But even though Barhoum was not seen anywhere in the post-blast pics (the video speculates that he must have been dropping off the second bomb), he is standing next to Zaimi in the pic that the video claims was taken shortly before the blasts.

This video engages in a lot of either mistakes or outright lies in order to prove a strange pet theory (we’ll be seeing a lot of this in future entries). I’m feeling generous and will go with the former. The time frame is off, the people in the video are misidentified, the man seen running was clearly not Zaimi in terms of skin color and clothing, the people accused were not even at the marathon when the bombs went off and could not have been at the finish line when the bombs went off and there is no good reason offered as to why the government would sacrifice one set of Muslims for another in their false flag operation, especially since there are no ties to be found between Barhoum and Zaimi and the government. A weak attempt is made to show that the Saudi national initially questioned is involved and since he has ties to oil money, he is being protected, but there is no link between the Saudi and Zaimi and Barhoum.

I mentioned above that the harm that is heaped upon innocent people is one of the reasons that conspiracy theory is vile. Once a theory has been posited, often on the shoddiest of research, a certain number of True Believers will latch on and believe it whole-heartedly and nothing can ever change their minds. The FBI cleared them? Well the FBI is protecting them because they are the true bombers. They weren’t there? Well, that’s what THEY want you to believe! All of the time frames used in the video “evidence” is wrong? Well, I just feel these guys had something to do with it. And now two innocent men will spend the rest of their lives in this country with people who latched onto a baseless theory and who think them killers and terrorists. I have not seen any evidence yet to tie Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to the bombings – and given how screwed up information has been about that “chilling” video the FBI claims to have of Dzhokhar dropping off the backpack and the change in course in how the FBI is presenting the case (more on that when I discuss the patsy theories), I will need to see it before I can believe anything. But at least we know that both Tsarnaevs were on the scene when the bombs went off. That alone is far more evidence than anyone has against Barhoum and Zaimi.

6)  How did the police recover the backpack Dzhokhar was carrying if he used it to carry and place the bomb at the second bombing site

blackbag4I think almost everyone who had been following this case closely felt a bit of disbelief when it was revealed that three of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s friends had been arrested for evidence tampering, among other crimes, because they had gone into his dorm room and removed his laptop and his backpack.  There was even more disbelief when it was revealed that the backpack contained fireworks tubes that had been drained of their explosives.  Some reports, like the FBI release, do not mention that the fireworks had been emptied, but most media coverage indicates that the fireworks had been emptied.  If the picture that appears with most of these articles is correct, it appears as if at least some of the fireworks were intact.

This asks the very obvious question of why it is that Dzhokhar would have held onto such evidence that could potentially link him to the bombings.  This question and the recovered backpack will come up in my later discussions of Dzhokhar as a patsy.

But it also asks the question:  How many backpacks did Dzhokhar Tsarnaev own?  Was the backpack recovered from the landfill the backpack Dzhokhar carried during the bombing?  Of course, a college student may have more than one backpack but since we have not seen pictures of the backpack that was recovered, and due to the extraordinarily horrible media coverage of this case, many are coming to the conclusion that the backpack recovered from the landfill is the same backpack Dzhokhar was wearing at the bombing scene.

Boston bombings suspectWith that conclusion, I’ve seen people convinced that Dzhokhar is clearly being set up because how could he have delivered a bomb in the very backpack that has seemingly been found thrown away?   And it is strange that the US Attorney General’s Office and the FBI released the pictures of the fireworks the backpack allegedly contained but not the backpack itself.  Worse, none of this is helped by reports from the Boston police that they did indeed confiscate the backpack Dzhokhar had been carrying at the bombing scene.  I have no links for this because the report came on CNN and I have not been able to find any captures of it so be aware this is a statement you will have to take with a grain of salt.

It’s almost impossible to debunk this one at this time because of the ridiculously bad media coverage and law enforcement’s refusal to release pictures that could clear these matters up.  Pictures of either the backpack recovered in the landfill or the release of the video that supposedly shows Dzhokhar depositing the bomb-filled backpack could go a long way toward settling these matters and I agree it is very odd we don’t have this information yet (and find the reasons why we don’t have the information spurious, but that’s fodder for other theories). But I do think it is not impossible that Dzhokhar had multiple backpacks, perhaps even two of the same style backpack.  Until we have enough information, it’s too soon to pull the trigger and say that the pack recovered from the landfill is the same pack Dzhokhar was carrying the day of the bombings and therefore something is rottenin Boston.

ETA on 5/21/13

7) The packs the Tsarnaev brothers were carrying hardly seemed like they were carrying pressure cooker bombs

I admit that I was skeptical about these claims because it seemed to me that the packs could, indeed, carry bombs.  However, as I have still been trying to run to ground any official investigative release about the tattered backpack shown in all backpack analyses as having been the pack that carried a bomb, I came across a fascinating article on a site I was unfamiliar with called WhoWhatWhy.

A writer named David Lindorff tested, using actual pressure cookers and equivalent weights to the components of the bombs, how backpacks would look carrying pressure cooker bombs.  The results were extremely interesting.  I suggest anyone interested in this topic read his article.

I welcome comments but I encourage everyone to read my comment policy first. If I have any information here that is objectively incorrect, please let me know.  Additionally, if there are any backpack theories I overlooked, let me know.  I’m only too happy to update this as new ideas develop.

22 thoughts on “Boston Bombing Conspiracy Theories – The backpack analyses

  1. Oh I had forgotten about the theory that the photo of Dzhokhar leaving the scene was photoshopped! I agree that it was my first thought when I saw that photo that it looked like he should have had his hand on a bag strap, the arm positioning is super weird. I have no basis for this whatsoever, and am not good enough at photoshop to debunk the theory, but I hope someone who is will chime in here! The theory that the guy who took the photo was trying to prove that Dzhokhar was guilty by ‘shopping the backpack is weird, but I can’t completely dismiss it! People are super weird.

  2. Um…..

    “even though they left the marathon hours before the bombs went off.”

    I don’t suggest that these guys did just because they were there and had bags… BUT why would you automatically reject the idea someone could plant a bomb in advance and then either remote detonate or have a timer on it? In fact wouldn’t that be the best way to get away with it?

    In this article you dance around the most disturbing aspects of the whole event but refuse to critically examine them. Namely why is big media and big government, two entities with almost limitless budgets, manpower and technologies handling this case so stupidly and incompetently? Why!? Why do you not attempt to apply an “occams razor” simplest explanation to this inescapable fact? Why do you never suggest they are hiding something?

    Why does this same bumbling incompetence always seem to rear it’s ugly head every time we have one of these mass causality events which is very quickly thereafter attempted to be exploited for political agendas. This is the real issue here.

    Whether the government is doing these things themselves, instigating them or knowing about them and just letting them happen is not that important but there is a real and obvious agenda here.

    And another big one I forgot to ask: how when the FBI knew about these guys and was warned about them did they miss this?

    Have you ever researched the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, how it went down, what the FBI knew and when they knew it?

    If not and you are a serious researcher and not a troll you better make that a first order of business. BEST case scenario this event bears all the hallmarks of the World Trade Center 1993 bombing – there is NO denying that.

    1. One of the most tiresome problems of dealing with conspiracy theorists is that if one tries to interact with them in a reasonable and respectful manner, one ends up spending hours replying to them. If one manages to address all of their concerns on one issue, they move on to something else extraneous to the topic at hand. What True Believers don’t seem to understand is that when I debunk a theory, a debunk is not a de facto alternative theory that must take into account all the variables you think are important. A debunk is limited to the data the particular theorist or theory has available and relies on known data as of the writing. If you want me to debunk a specific theory, I am happy to do it if time permits, but it is an irrational response to drag in information extraneous to the information I discussed and say, “DEAL WITH ALL OF THIS TOO OR YOU’RE WRONG!”

      Moreover, how can I ever move on and show you guys that McGowan was simply the first involved theory I handled and that there is so much more on the horizon if I have to deal with every little demand commenters throw at me. I hate not responding in depth to comments as I take them seriously, but thus far, these are just some of the demands you have made on my time in 11 comments adding up to almost 1800 words of insistence that I look at evidence not even offered within the theory I debunked or readdress information already in the article ( for example, I have already covered the timing in the pictures – McGowan got it wrong and since he can’t offer anything other than “It was five minutes later Fucktard” when the rest of the photographic evidence and timeline from amateur photographers proves him dead wrong, I am unsure why such a serious thinker like yourself tolerates such shoddy research):

      If you want to actually debunk him why don’t you answer some of the really serious questions like:

      Where are all the tens of amputees and the legs and the gore?

      Another thing, why the first responders aren’t bloody shouldn’t be glossed over either…
      How was it the casualties were so small if a bomb like this was planted in a crowd ( why weren’t the casualties WORSE?

      Where was the shrapnel damage to inanimate objects like sidewalk, walls, banners, flags, temporary fencing, etc?

      Your claims about the clothes that shred without underlying injuries are laughable and idiotic. Even more so is the claim that it happened by fire. Shredded clothes don’t look like burned clothes. Care to try again?

      Why is it the worst injured seem to get the least attention from first responders?

      Why do the first responders have so little blood on them?

      What about the magic mangled bent then straight then mangled again leg of crystal (forget the last name)?

      How was baumans blood flow stopped so effectively that he literally didn’t leave a drop behind him during his ill advised wheel chair ride when there where clearly gurneys available which were given to less injured people first?

      Where is all the footage of either of the brothers dropping the bombs?

      If people were “on fire” where is the photographs or videos showing that and the resulting serious burns?

      Where are all the photos of the tens of other amputees that would have had to have been wheeled out via the same routes as our other stars?

      Where are 200+ wounded people?

      Why did cowboy man wait so long? Why is the photographic evidence so out of line with every story he’s given?

      And on and on. Answer some hard questions. Go back and read parts 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

      This requires a better answer than “oh gee golly whiz they must have been distracted with the other site”. Surely SOMEBODY would have found themselves closer to bomb site number two and would have started snapping pics and or video.

      This is not something to gloss over and neither is the lack of video evidence of Dhokar dropping the bomb! They claimed they had this…. Well where is it?

      How can you possibly say its not a highly suspect story that- considering all the military, FBI, police and whatever else that were on site with extremely heightened security, not to mention just the extreme overly spied upon surveillance state we live in- missed these kids and their homemade cookware bombs? Really?

      But not only that after having gotten away with it the just went back to their normal lives?

      And then at least one of them managed to evade hundreds if not thousands of highly trained armed government representatives possesing untold hitech gadgets and gear including but not limited to helicopters and sattelite surveilance for nearly 24 hours after they were identified?

      That can only be one of two things: complete bullshit or a demonstration of such stunning government incompetence that it ought to be a huge scandal. Trillions wasted on police state surveillance and militarization and not only can they not stop some kids with some gun powder, cookware and nails but they had an exceedingly hard time catching them even after identifying them and nearly shot up some civilians in the process!

      Where are you on the important issues here and trying to explain what DID happen instead of just trying to ridicule all those that are trying to solve the puzzle. How about some real substance here!?!

      The huge presence of all sorts of characters craft included is reason to question whether or not the government was involved. If we conclude they were not the next question one must ask is why with this huge showing of multi agency manpower and high tech gadgets could these morons not stop two kids with home made bombs? I mean really, seriously. How many billions have we wasted on homeland security and the like? And they can’t stop home made pressure cooker bombs? Even with private mercenary auxiliary support?

      This is just an overview of what you need for me to do to talk to you. One person. I have to answer all of that to M’s satisfaction, and if I don’t, I’ll be further accused of all kinds of wrong-doing and obfuscation or of being a big fat dummy who’s a meanie to boot. This doesn’t even include the passages of your assorted beliefs and how I’m dumb not to understand you are right, all of which would demand a reply, too.

      And then the writing critiques. Yes. I am verbose. I always have been. I have five years of book critique to show how verbose I am. That’s not going to change and if it’s not to your tastes, that’s nothing I care much about.

      Hilariously you take me to task for not having any sources to debunk McGowan when his theory is spun from whole cloth. I have expertise with the Boston pictures and that makes up the bulk of my analysis. The pictures themselves if one knows when they were taken is the best refutation to McGowan’s theory yet you demand sources. And if had sources, whose sources could I use to your satisfaction since you distrust the media? Alternative conspiracy theories? Some dude on the street with a really ardent opinion? The very nature of your demands seem designed to back people into corners because there is literally no way they can ever satisfy you.

      And as people like you leave these enormous comments full of demands that I answer this and explain myself here and there and over in the back even though I’ve already covered it and give sources, except the media how dare I use the media, don’t I know the media is corrupt, am I dumb, god I’m dumb, etc., etc., etc., some True Believers still have the belief that this site was set up to defame a specific person and my lack of intensive content proves it. If I took the time to respond to every niggling complaint you have in this barrage of comments (we’re up to 12 in around 2 hours, M – generally that’s considered trolling), thoughtful, decent replies would amount to the time it would take to write a complete critique of someone else’s work, someone else who isn’t McGowan.

      And if I do attempt to answer and don’t do it to the True Believer’s satisfaction, here comes another barrage of comments calling me a liar or telling me I didn’t do it right, as if this site exists just to answer every passing True Believer who wanders by.

      I say all of this to you not to demean you but to let you know your comments have to be ignored if I am to get anything done. I run a book blog that requires a substantial amount of reading and my patented verbose writing style takes time, I have a family and a small business to run and though I take you seriously, were I to reply to all your demands in the manner it would take to satisfy you, it would be tantamount to spending all my time just on you. And you are not the only one

      I have never encountered such a sense of entitlement from a specific online community before. It’s clear I am going to have to make changes to how comments work on this site, and it’s clear now why so many skeptics and debunkers and conspiracy theorist peddlers all turn off commenting. They can get nothing done otherwise.

  3. Look how succinct I can be when I want to be, M!

    Please stop ban evading. It makes you look weird and desperate. 🙁

  4. I am from the FreeJahar camp and I respect that you are willing to keep an open mind about this whole fiasco.

    1. Hi, Jules! Thanks for the comment.

      It really has been a fiasco. I’m currently working on a discussion of the carjacking and I can’t even nail down an exact time it happened. Creating a reasonable timeline is a joke with the absolutely crappy media coverage of this case. And that’s just one small detail of one part of the entirety of the fiasco. So I certainly see where the Free Jahar skepticism comes from, because in some aspects of this case, I share the same concerns.

  5. If only you so called ‘de-bunkers’ did real research and gained information from a broad variety of sources, all you ‘de-bunkers’ are only creating another theory to add to all the other possibilities.
    ‘De- bunking’ is basically putting a close to the investigation, is it not? So if you are putting a close to the situation then you have already made your mind up, how blind/stupid/lazy can you be to come to such conclusions with so many loose ends? You my love are worse than a conspiracy theorist, a true conspiracy theorist will never stop questioning in search for the truth, you on the other hand seem to think you know have all the answers. Good luck.

    1. As has been mentioned before (and before and before and before and before), a debunk is not an alternative theory. A debunk is when one looks at a theory and realizes the information behind the theory is lacking in some manner and therefore the theory is without credibility or factual truth. A debunk doesn’t close any investigation unless the investigation hinges entirely on that one debunk. Do you genuinely think that all analysis into the backpacks stops when someone points out problems with one backpack narrative? Oh dear, Anita in Austin found some errors in the backpack analyses people vomited up – halt the investigation and let Dzhokhar go! It’s all over! Yep, that’s exactly what happens every time I post. Dude, please try harder.

      But more importantly, I have no idea why weak thinkers assume that debunking something means someone has “all the answers.” To the contrary, I have posited not a single theory as to what happened that day other than that a bomb went off and people were injured and killed. All I know, from information analysis and common sense, is what didn’t happen. This “all the answers” remark is practically a conspiracy theorist meme at this point, as arrogant people who aren’t even willing to engage on a level deep enough to show what it is they believe happened or what facts they think I missed just drive by online and mouth off. I explained myself. How about you do the same? This is a place of discussion and if you can’t explain why it is you think any of my debunks are unsound, your input isn’t needed. Seriously.

      Good luck to you, too.

  6. Did I miss the part where you quoted officials as claiming that the bombs were contained in two black backpacks even as DJokhar’s backpack was mainly light gray or white? Do you acknowledge that this is an unexplained discrepancy in the story?

    1. You didn’t miss it because I didn’t quote anything about the official statements about the colors of the backpacks. In fact, I think what you missed was the part wherein I mention that I could find no proof that the picture of the tattered black back pack spread all over the news was ever officially stated to be a pack that carried a bomb.

      ETA: I don’t mean to be cruel but my second point in this article shows that the whole “tattered black backpack” narrative is something I think the media completely misinterpreted from file photos and the FBI statement that they had some black nylon fragments from a backpack that could have carried a bomb. I’m unsure how anyone walked away from this article without a clear understanding that the purpose of this article was to discuss all the discrepancies in the backpack theories, including the official story.

  7. You point out the often cited black backpack has never been officially identified as the one in which a bomb was detonated. I am unaware of any backpack allegedly associated with a second bomb. It has been pointed out the black backpack unofficially alleged to have held the bomb also matches the ‘Craft’ group issue backpacks, as can be seen in numerous photos form the area on that day, worn by numerous Craft personnel. If the bombing was orchestrated by as of yet unknown parties, I believe it is important to consider the prospect that they were also attempting to set up the Craft group, as another layer of ‘patsy’ to add to false flag hypothesis.

    Consider the murder of Chris Kyle, aka the American Snyper, and President of Craft, who was murdered just months before the bombing. This might seem to be consistent with the hypothesis that some sort of internal plot may have been at work, perhaps clearing the way for complicity in the bombing, however, what if Craft itself was being targeted in both incidents?

    We don’t know if the often cited black back pack has any official correlation as evidence to the bombing, however, hypothetically, if craft were to have been involved in a false flag incident it seems far too obvious to use one of the backpacks a dozen of their personnel are wearing, and thoroughly filmed wearing, at the same location, it’s just too obvious for professionals, unless it was intentional. If this black back pack is officially revealed to have actually contained the bomb, not only does it lend to vindicating Tsarnaev, it also seems likely another purpose would be to implicate Craft. One of the Craft personnel has been reputed elsewhere to resemble or be an individual of the House of Saud who was alleged to have subsequently visited the President, seemingly implicating the administration in a false flag conspiracy. Was a tip called in warning of the attack?

    It’s difficult to work with limited information available on the internet. A tentative scenario I am working with. which I actually believe may be a strong one, is the prospect that the bombing was carried out by operatives of the Satanist Illuminati. Craft, and other elements of our government, may have committed to working against this group. The actual bomber may have been a clone of Tsarnaev, well call him Tsarnaev 7. The actual Tsarnaev, well call him Tsarnaev 3, and his brother, may have been manipulated as patsies. I am uncertain as to whether the older Tsarnaev planted the second bomb or not, under this scenario, having very little information available on him. My guess would also be that what was in Tsarnaev 3’s backpack may have actually been fireworks, but these were not the fire works or backpack recovered from the dump – two back packs full of fire works. I suspect this later detail because it creates a scenario so difficult to believe, it gains credence as a possible aspect of the Illuminati planning and ploy. This later aspects are far more tenuous, because I have not heard the real Tsarnaev’s statement. I do not know what he has stated was in the back pack he was carrying. I am absolutely certain the Illuminati have advanced cloning technologies, including accelerated ageing aspects, and were and are heavily involved in this situation. It’s almost impossible to even loosely string a case for this scenario together using available information, and I am relying on pieces of information derived from other sources. They may have actual video evidence of what appears to be Tsarnaev planting the bomb. For this to have been a clone they would have had to have duplicated every piece of clothing and items carried by the real Tsarnaev, including the backpack. The scenario could get even more complicated than this as well.

    I sincerely wish we could view all available evidence currently in the possession of the FBI, prosecution and defense. One thing I believe to be critical is for Tsarnaev to tell the absolute truth, no matter how improbable it sounds, and no matter what evidence is presented against him, even if there is a video seemingly evidencing his planting the bomb, and it’s important we have access to his testimony.

    All will agree it is important we determine the truth of this tragic attack and ensure justice is served. Everyone affected by the bombing deserves this.

    1. Arin, I have to admit that I am reluctant to give much quarter to the notion that the Illuminati was involved and have cloning capabilities, but I also have to admit that I have not read enough about it to discuss it intelligently. Do you have a blog you have where you’ve written about this? If so, let me know – I’d love to read it. If not, feel free to expand on this as you get more information.

      We are in agreement that Craft was likely completely uninvolved in the bombing, though I hadn’t considered the group as a patsy. Given how little decent media coverage there was, dishonoring the group could well have been a motive by someone somewhere and we’d have little way to know. Interesting stuff, thanks for sharing it with us.

      1. Anita,

        I just read your reply to my comment. I don’t have a proper blog, however, I have been posting information on my Facebook page, pertinent aspects of which should be visible to the public. On further consideration, I do longer suspect a clone was used, though I have absolutely no doubt the Illuminati Satanists do have advanced cloning technologies, however, the reality is likely far more significant. There are images where Tsarnaev is wearing a hat at one point which seems to depict the number ‘7,’ and subsequently the number ‘3.’ I found an example of this, which can be seen if you scroll down the link I will post below. My personal opinion is that Tsarnaev switched his own hat. It would be useful to have access to the court testimony form the trial.

        I do believe that at least one of the bombs that was detonated at the marathon site was pre-planted. One pressure cooker bomb was allegedly thrown by Tsarnaev during the police confrontation. At this point I have no doubt the bombing was planned, choreographed and stages by the Illuminati Satanists, and I have no doubt Tsarnaev was accomplice to this. Whether or not he planted a bomb I do not know. The confusing ‘Craft’ black backpacks we’ve been seeing were likely an aspect of an elaborate deception. The Illuminati are like Scylla from Greek Mythology, with tentacles manipulating and working to destabilize and manipulate any or all points. An aspect of this is creating confusion and doubt from within and from all sides, manipulating even conspiracy theorists, and in this instance, I believe even against our own representative government.

        I have been immersed first hand, with significant direct observation of a great deal of what has been occurring. The Boston bombing is one piece of a much large global situation. I sincerely hope we are at a decisive stage at this time. I have been doing my best to document as much as I can, which you are welcome to take a look at my Facebook page below, which is a bit choppy and un-edited. Feel free to message me there if you would like, I only by chance happened back to this post. I still have faith in our nation, and believe the truth will be known, and made public from the top. If not, then it’s up to us.

        Hat 7-3

      2. Also, I suspect Craft may have been infiltrated. I believe the assassination of Chris Kyle was an aspect of that, and there are likely even more layers of this particular aspect.

      3. One last bit, to give an example of the kind of capabilities we are dealing with, regarding cloning technologies, I am aware of one individual whose DNA was cloned from multiple individuals. What is even more significant is the fact that two of the individuals whose DNA was used lived long past, however, DNA was also used that came from an individual actually born years AFTER the cloned individual. Now that takes some doing! How could DNA code be transmitted back through time? I have absolutely no doubt this is a factual case. Another problem, the Illuminati have advanced genetic manipulation technology and can scrub and modify the DNA of living individuals. How, I have no idea, it’s far beyond mainstream science. The Illuminati invest heavily in secrecy, and erasing any potential evidence is a fundamental aspect of their strategy. Physical evidence is extremely difficult to attain.

        To me this sounds preposterous and fanciful, but I am 100% certain it is accurate. I have seen enough with my own eyes to be certain of a picture that seems far too impossible to be true, but it is. This is the genius of Illuminati subterfuge, it is extremely difficult to secure physical evidence, and it just sounds far, far too preposterous to be real, but it is. The psychological impact of realizing the accuracy of this is not light, so I caution any who delve into it. Angels, demons and aliens, are very real and very literal aspects of what is at work.

  8. Richard DesLauriers, the Joint Task Force Agent In Charge said more about the backpacks that you quote on April 16, 2013. He said:

    “In addition, this morning it was determined that both of the explosives were placed in dark colored nylon bag or backpack.”

    Dzhokhar’s backpack was not dark, it was white, the brightest and as white as his white hat.

    Two days later DesLauriers produced his picture of Suspect One and Suspect Two, the first with his gray backpack and the second with his white backpack.

    That settles it.

    But even if you missed listening to all of DesLauriers — you are wrong saying that had the bomb been in Dzhokhar’s white backpack the backpack would have completely burned up. The pressure cooker breaks apart at its weakest points, but the parts that do not break are moved as a rocket taking pieces of backpack with it. There would be tattered remains of the white backpack. But no such thing was identified. They would show it if they found it. The didn’t show it and so they didn’t find it.

    Also ask why the first bomb’s effects are so little discussed or shown — that one was closer to the finish line.

    Why is the only claim that Dzhokhar put down his backpack and waked away made on the basis of the one piece of evidence the government will not release. Why was even the Governor of Massachussetts given only a briefing but not shown the genuine article — yet went before the public speaking as though he say it and was convinced by it — only to clarify under questioning on Meet the Press that he never actually say the video. No one has seen the video. And who was the governor’s briefer? It is only hearsay that the video exists. Dzhokhar and his brother have been framed. That is why I can tell you right now that the jury will not be shown that video.

    Furthermore, the state that Dzhokhar put down his backpack and that he made a phone call. Is it not obvious that he put down the backpack because his phone was in it.

    The other proof allegedly fingering Dzhokhar is, according to Governor Patrick was they only he did not jump when the bomb went off. But a startle can be barely visible. The argument is absurd (if you are collecting stupid arguments).

    Also the Gov also made a issue of the fact that Dzhokhar went home and acted like a normal student after the bombing — which, he implies, makes him extra evil and sinister because of his sang froid. According to Duval Patrick Dzhokhar is extra-guilty and evil because he acts so innocent. You are not the Hudini — Gov Patrick is.

    1. But even if you missed listening to all of DesLauriers — you are wrong saying that had the bomb been in Dzhokhar’s white backpack the backpack would have completely burned up. The pressure cooker breaks apart at its weakest points, but the parts that do not break are moved as a rocket taking pieces of backpack with it. There would be tattered remains of the white backpack.

      Interesting… I am admittedly unlearned in explosives and the ways that a pressure cooker would destroy a nylon container. I assumed it would basically destroy such a bag but if I think about it, given the path of destruction from the bomb itself, different areas were affected worse than others. If I accept that the carnage would not be uniform, then I also need to accept that the bag wouldn’t be completely destroyed.

      I am still unable to tell by my own naked eye if Dzhokhar’s pack was white, but I can tell you it sure wasn’t solid black.

      I completely agree with the rest of your comment – it was all so bizarre. People speaking of evidence they hadn’t seen, asking the American people to believe what they were telling us based on evidence no one had seen and still hasn’t seen. I am not wholly convinced of the Tsarnaevs as patsies theory, but the way information was disseminated and handled makes me very uneasy about the whole of the investigation.

  9. Dzhokhar’s backpack is mostly white, as white as his white hat. The FIB released the backpack photo and AP put it out. Now here is what the agent in charge of the special task force had to say about what color pack contained both bombs:

    Richard DesLauriers: “Among items partially recovered were pieces of black nylon which could be from a backpack and what appear to be fragments of bee-bees and nails possibly contained in a pressure cooker device. … In addition, this morning it was determined that both of the explosives were placed in dark colored nylon bag or backpack, the backpack would have been heavy because of the components believed to be in it.” (Transcribed from Associated Press recording of Agent in Charge Richard DesLauriers and the Joint Task Force news conference of April 16, 2013.)

    We do not need to know who really planted the second bomb bomb backpack to know that it wasn’t Dzhokhar. He could not place a black backpack with a bomb if he only had a white backpack with him.

    Why did you start with debunking that argument? And tell me, what color backpack do you think the Lord and Taylor security camera video would show Dzhokhar putting down? White or black?

    Note too that the Governor of Massachusetts Duval Patrick was the publics source of information about Dzhokhar putting down his backpack. In a press conference before Suspect One and Suspect Two were identified Duval Patrick described the video, stating that Dzhokhar put down his pack and made a phone call. Isn’t it obvious that innocent Dzhokhar put down his white backpack to get from it his phone. The Governor stated that Dzhokhar put down his backpack and that when the first bomb went off he did not flinch like everybody else — which the governor commented was “pretty chilling” — but guess what? A few days later, April 22, 2013, on Meet the Press, Duval Patrick stated:

    Well the video tape is not something I have seen. It’;s been described to me in my briefing. Uh, but it does, uh, seem to, uh, to be pretty clear that – that, us, that uh – uh, this supect took the backpack off, put it down, did not react when the first explosion went off and, uh, moved away from the backpack in time for the second, uh, explolosion,, so pretty, uh, pretty clear about his involvement and
    pretty chilling frankly, uh, as it was described to me.”

    So the governor had not seen the video yet when the made the statement that convinced everybody that Dzhokhar (Suspect Two) was for sure the man! And remember, the video of Dzhokhar putting down the backpack was the ONLY thing that fingered Dzhokhar. Remember what DesLaurier’s said at the April 18th news briefing:

    Richard DesLauriers: “After a very detailed analysis of photo, video and other evidence, we are releasing photos of these two suspects. They are identified as Suspect One and Suspect Two. They appear to be associated. Suspect one is wearing a dark hat. Suspect Two is wearing a white hat. Subject Two set down a backpack at the site of the second explosion just in front of the Forum Restaurant.” (April 18, 2013)

    1. I don’t know why I started with that particular argument. I think I just ordered them as they seemed logical to me but that doesn’t mean the order was innately logical, if that makes any sense.

      If the roundly disseminated information about the tattered black backpack is the truth, which was never really proven by any FBI statement regarding the tattered black pack that was in all the photos people used as truth, then Dzhokhar could not have placed that pack because even if I cannot tell if his pack was white or gray, it certainly was not solid black. There is a lot very wrong with the official backpack narrative and none of it will ever go away until the video that supposedly shows Dzhokhar doing anything more than running away from the scene is shown to the world. Your points pretty much echo my own reactions to the way much of this was handled.

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