I used to run a couple of book sites (I Read Odd Books and I Read Everything) and a site devoted to conspiracy theory (Houdini’s Revenge). It became tiresome maintaining multiple sites, and it became even more tiresome to be limited to books and whacked theory when there are so many movies and songs to discuss, book stores to photograph and strange travels to be recorded. So I combined all my sites and interests into Odd Things Considered. Welcome to my little corner of the Internet.

I’m Anita, I live in a suburb of Austin, Texas, I maintain a large home library and I have way too many cats. I’m married, which will become apparent if you read here because Mr OTC comes up often in my entries. And I am female. Even though I make my sex/gender/orientation obvious in my writing, I am often addressed as if I am a man. That’s cool. I don’t mind that much anymore. Just sharing.

I am often asked if I will review strange or outre books and it’s extremely flattering that people want my opinions or consider a discussion about their book on this site valuable. If you want me to discuss your book, please know the following:

–I am not prompt. It can take me a couple of years to get around to reading books I am sent. If you need quick promotion, this is not the site for it.

–I enjoy small publishers and have no major bones against self-publishing. But I am completely intolerant of crappily edited books. I don’t care how indie you are, how much you want me to concentrate on the grand idea in your work. If your book has more than 20 errors, I won’t discuss it unless your lack of respect for your readers is so egregious that I want to savage your book just on general principle. I hate it when that happens, so if you decide to send me a book, don’t send me a poorly edited book.

If you’re cool with the above, you can send me pdfs or mobis to anita@oddthingsconsidered.com. If you want to send me a Kindle copy, hit me up on e-mail so I can give you my Kindle address and add you to my list of approved senders. You can also send me paper copies:

Anita Dalton
PO Box 1346
Pflugerville, TX 78691