This Is Not an Odd Book Discussion – Horking and enormous time sucks

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Dear readers, I came down with what can only be described as the plague. Mr Oddbooks brought home some conference crud and I watched a neighbor kid, and as we all know, kids are crawling with germs.   The neighbor kid’s germs morphed with the conference crud to create a supercrud.  My house may or may not be under a CDC tent.  So I haven’t been doing much but occasionally showing my ass in political communities and staring, stunned, at how much I really need to vacuum. I hope to have the “insane” and outsider literature discussion up on Friday, but given how things have been, it could be Friday, it could be three weeks from now.

Also, lots of people have been sending me books to read and I appreciate it. However, I am behind because of many reasons that have nothing to do with the plague but have everything to do with personal organization. So if you sent me a book and I said I would read it and discuss it, it will happen, in the fullness of time. The only exception would be if I began reading it and decided that even a crushingly horrible review would not be in your best interest. But that’s only happened once so I don’t see that happening.

In the mean time, let me share some links.

Here is the website of Gabriella Chana, a writer who thinks that she is genetically half Catherine the Great and half King David, who has a soul bond, or some such thing, to Brent Spiner, the dude who played Data on Star Trek: The Next Generation. The Jesuits are keeping them apart, and she has a list of hot, Hollywood stars who want to marry her but all she can do is have mind sex with them. Gerard Butler, Matthew McConaughey, Hugh Jackman and Brent Spiner all long for her, evidently, but cannot marry her due to the Jesuits, though they somehow manage to leave awkward comments on her message board. Plan to devote hours to reading and reviewing Chana’s (aka Gail Chord) YouTube videos. I don’t know why George Clooney has yet to want to marry Chana, but I think it has something to do with the fact that he dates so much the Jesuits cannot keep him in cloned women that have babies to force him to marry them. Thanks to Ted the Romanian for this enormous time suck. Truly lunatic, so lunatic that I feel like it has to be a hoax but it probably isn’t.

Less involved but equally demented (though definitely not a hoax) is this site devoted to the theory that Stephen King killed John Lennon. There’s a book about it and you can be sure that I will be reading this book. Well, it’s actually a booklet, but it seems worth a read. I can only imagine that the reason that Stephen King has not sued the man behind this site is because the theory is so devoid of anything approaching reality that there was really no reason to shut him down. But I found it pretty interesting so you may, too.

Hopefully, this trend of being sick constantly is coming to an end and I can get stuff moving here. Clearly I am not a stoic who can work through such things. I’m pretty sure I would have been one of those people who died very young before antibiotics, vaccines and a modern infrastructure that supports the weak. Bear with me, please.

12 thoughts on “This Is Not an Odd Book Discussion – Horking and enormous time sucks

  1. I’ve actually read that Stephen King Killed John Lennon book. I must say that while it does have one of the coolest opening lines I’ve ever read, the rest of it isn’t very good. After reading his “proof,” I’m fairly certain that the guy is basically just a total looney.

  2. I had never heard of the “Stephen King Killed John Lennon” conspiracy theory before. Hilarious! I’m willing to entertain it, though, because it puts King’s anecdote about Mark David Chapman (that he once met and gave an autograph to an odd young man who apparently turned out to be Chapman) into a sinister new light. It’s too bad the guy behind this book is such a lunatic, because I think it’s actually possible to build a case.

    Without having read this guy’s book(let), I would start with the obvious, the (1979) novel Dead Zone centering around an assassation. Interestingly, this is also the first King novel set in fictional Castle Rock, Maine. Why interesting? In 1977, Chapman attempted suicide, was hospitalized, and ended up working at that hospital. The name of the hospital? Castle Memorial.

    The theory I would construct would be that King met Chapman in that year, probably under the circumstances he described, but instead of it being a one-time encounter, the two became friends. If you think about it, it’s not improbable that this would happen, since the two do bear a striking physical resemblance (only relevant in that it’s common for people to be attracted to those who resemble them), have father issues, and share an interest in writing. Being prone to hero worship, Chapman probably fell under King’s spell, and King, for unknown reasons, decided to groom Chapman to murder Lennon.

    There are clues to this throughout King’s post-1980 body of work — multiple stories involving Svengali figures dominating and manipulating another person’s mind (Firestarter, Apt Pupil), or stories about murderous doppelgangers (The Dark Half, Secret Window Secret Garden). King also mentions The Beatles, and specifically John Lennon, several times throughout his writing, but always in ambiguous ways that, in light of the theory, seem highly suspect.

    Finally, many years ago, I had a regular correspondence with a fellow King fan. One day, she wrote me in a state of emotional upset, saying she had met someone in King’s inner circle, and learned about some unspecified but horrible act King had committed in his past that rendered her unable to read King anymore. Try as I might, I couldn’t get any details out of her, except that much of King’s later work has been his processing the intense guilt and self-loathing he’s experienced as a consequence of that act.

    I think if you put all those pieces together with the fact of King’s alcohol and drug addiction throughout the 1970s and 80s, during which period, by his own admission, he was almost continously drunk or stoned, it’s actually pretty plausible that King could have been involved in Lennon’s murder. Wow, I think I actually convinced myself while writing this!

    1. Confused about paragraph 5. Since Stephen King is a horror writer – wouldn’t coming to learn about some “horrible act” in the author’s past make a fan MORE likely to read his books?

      1. Ha! Well, I guess it depends on the fan, but at least for the person I’m talking about, she definitely preferred that authors commit horrible deeds on the page and not in real life.

        1. Yeah, I don’t mind people exploring extremity, but I prefer that they not have a body count or a victim list or bodies in the yard.

          But then I like Anne Perry and used to listen to Burzum and Emperor so maybe I should just bow out of this conversation.

    2. Edward, I get the feeling you just summarized that booklet.

      I would add to this that King has often had a fantasy about having an alter ego. Richard Bachman could be seen as his attempt to become someone else because of remorse for the crimes as Stephen King. I also remember the story King told of Paul McCartney wishing he could start anew as Rocky and the Racoons so that he could escape the infamy of being in the Beatles. King is clearly obsessed with the idea of starting life again.

      Sometimes I think about starting my own conspiracy theory. I think if I do, I should ask you to help me. You’re good at this.

  3. I forgot to include another vital clue, King’s recent novel 11/22/63, about a time traveler attempting to prevent the assassination of JFK. Obviously motivated by King’s guilt over having masterminded Lennon’s assassination, and his desire to undo that fiendish act.

  4. This just in :Her son,Eric was apparently on a date with a high ranking Jesuit killer temptress that gives lethal erections to her mates. Poor kid…(esp if he’s real)
    It’s way to elaborate to be a hoax. It has that repetitive,tiresome,sad nature that always gives away a proper loony.
    I have some other hidden internet treasure troves for you but all in due time otherwise your head might explode and mess up your white carpet made from the wool of albino Bengal tigers

    here is an article relating to her and because it’s ED then it has to be true

    1. Just had a thought in remembrance of the jesuit force field ..Since she’s so infatuated with Data..what if all the scenarios she blurts out in her vids are just transformed bits from Star Trek?

    2. He’s real. She’s got a picture of them together on that mess of a site. I was hoping her ex-husband got custody of him.

      It’s way to elaborate to be a hoax. It has that repetitive,tiresome,sad nature that always gives away a proper loony.
      You’re right. It’s real. People try to mimic that sort of craziness but it is very difficult, if not impossible. It’s just I really need this not to be real. Brent Spiner, Ted. BRENT SPINER!

      Don’t let my carpet prevent you from sharing some fresh new horror. It’s not like the cats aren’t rubbing their collective asses on it anyway.

      1. Yep, Data is an anomaly in her otherwise impeccable taste in men. Although I do recall that someone I know had a little fixation on Christopher Walken,which was reflected in a lovely little story that she once upon a time sent me to read
        ps: what I wouldn’t give to have 5% of that woman’s drive.

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