If you are reading this, you probably need to get a shot

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I thought I had flu. Turns out I really had strep throat and a sinus infection.

Down side is that having strep and a sinus infection blows colon. Up side is that they both respond pretty well to antibiotics. So you know, hurrah for modern medicine.

Despite falling ill, I kept trying to work and was going to post an entry about a book dealing with writings from mentally ill people. I worked on it as I was sickening, but glancing over it, it reads pretty much the way one would expect from a person with a high fever and a tendency toward verbosity. So I will work on it and come back here Monday, free of snot and chills, and hopefully post an entry that boasts some level of coherence.

If the antibiotic horse pills knock some of this out and I am safe to be around others, I may go to Domy Books to see a presentation from Process Books. You can read all about it here, and if you are in or near Austin, come. I would really like to meet Isis Aquarian, as well as Adam Parfrey. If you see a short, fat, dazed woman on the arm of a man with an interesting goatee preventing her from wandering into traffic in a fever-haze and you’ll know it’s me.

Otherwise, see you back here Monday. Get hand sanitizer and curse anyone who sneezes in your presence.

4 thoughts on “If you are reading this, you probably need to get a shot

  1. Get some zinc,It helps a lot with the chills and the shitty state. Do a manly dose of 50-100 zinc gluconate a day. It also helps with oily skin,acne,concentration and good sleep. But if you take too much for too long then some people may experience weird sensations in their right testicle and then those people freak out because they’ve heard a day before on a podcast that the wires down there can become tangled,cut blood supply(serendipity) and kill the ball but upon further research one finds out that zinc depletes copper and the weird sensation in the testicle can be a side effect so those people should stay off it for a couple of days and then reduce the dosage by half.
    So yeah when something has side effects then you know it works
    Vitamin C also helps,apparently. With the flu.
    ps: Happy international woman’s day.

    1. Ted, you know my right ball feel off during the heat wave of 1997.

      I take supplements but I’m not sure how much zinc is in my multivitamin. I’ll have to check.

  2. Sounds like good time to dose yourself with the remedy that all (American) mothers once taught: Sudafed, chicken-noodle soup and Sprite. Naturally, make sure that you get your hands on the original Sudafed, not the “improved” formula.

    1. I think I finally shook it. Sudafed didn’t stand a chance. I ended up with a prescription for some hardcore decongestant. My neighbor brought me some cajun chicken soup – cleared the hell out of my sinuses for a few minutes, so that was helpful.

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