Loathsome Women: The Witches Among Us by Leopold Stein, M.D. and Martha Alexander

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Book Title: Loathsome Women: The Witches Among Us

Author: Leopold Stein, M.D. and Martha Alexander

Why I Consider This Book Odd: The title made me think this was an odd book, and a reading completely bore this out. Some time ago, I saw this book mentioned in an online discussion about weird books. I didn’t write down the description but in my notes, I later saw the title and had to order a copy.

Type of Work: non-fiction, psychiatry

Availability: This book is out of print, but copies can be found at various book seller sites, like Amazon. Click here to buy a copy: Loathsome Women: the Witches Among Us Because it is out of print, there is no official listing. That link takes you to just one of the clusters of the book, as sellers created their own listing for the book instead of searching to see if the book was already listed. So shop around for the best deal.

Comments: Okay, let’s get this out of the way: I don’t dismiss Jung or psychoanalysis. But for the love of sanity, you will not find a more bizarre approach to psychoanalysis than you will in Dr. Stein. Add to that bizarre approach his misogyny and his overt and cringing fear in the face of four mentally ill women, and you’ve got yourself one odd, or dare I say very odd, book. It is hard to restrain vitriol in the face of such a monster, but I managed it. I did not, however, restrain my snark.

When this book arrived in the mail, I scanned the book and a little of the content and wondered if it was really an odd book after all. In small doses, in Loathsome Women it seemed like Dr. Stein was approaching his patients’ manifestation of problems using Jungian archetypes to relate to the patients. It didn’t hit me when I just scanned the book that Dr. Stein evidently believed that his patients were real witches and that he was possibly the most misogynistic writer I’ve read in years.

But he did. And he was. Read the rest under the jump.