Zombie Week is over!

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Wow, that went fast! I really enjoyed it and hope some of the new names who came to visit stick around for some of my non-Zombie discussions in the future. All of the recommendations I received over the course of this week have pretty much ensured there will be a Zombie Week II at some time in the future.

Noodle, doing what he does
I will announce the winner of the book drawing on Monday. Until then, Noodle sez, “Aim for the head. It’s the only way to take them down.”

5 thoughts on “Zombie Week is over!

  1. As a relatively new “follower” of your website, I enjoyed Zombie Week as well – and I am astonished and appreciative of all the work that you put into the reviews.

  2. Anita your reviews made me take an interest in zombie books. The only contact that I’ve had in this area are my neighbor who was addicted to heroin…I think he still is but he ain’t my neighbor anymore
    Hey you could make the cats choose the winner by means of a tasty treat. Make video

  3. I was at borders to spend a gift certificate today. I saw dust, but didn’t get it. I got Married with zombies- jesse petersen and can you survive the zombie apocalypse- choose your own adventure book. Can’t wait to start that one. Thanks for all the great suggestions.

  4. I really enjoyed zombie week and I am very happy to have some new titles to add to my must buy list.
    Sadly, I wasn’t able to comment on every entry in time for the drawing (stupid life getting in the way).
    I just really wanted you to know that I appreciate your reviews. 🙂 Thank you!

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