Welcome to Odd Things Considered!

Welcome to my new site!

This change was a long time coming.  Over the years I’ve maintained a “conspiracy theory” blog, a regular book blog, a LiveJournal with tons of pictures of my strange travels and trips to creepy places, and my odd books blog, the latter being how most people came to know me.  I now have most of that old content here on this site.  What ultimately spurred the change-over is that the database on I Read Odd Books became corrupted.  Mr OTC (formerly Mr Oddbooks) could have fixed it, in the fullness of time, but it would have taken a while.  Combining all the sites with a new back end seemed a far better option than continuing to finesse a site that was, in my expert, technical opinion, electronically haunted.

The best part is that I will be able to write here far more than I did in the past.  Having content scattered hither and yon was in a way very tiresome.  Now I have one place to write about odd books, strange cinema, bizarre music, and strange travels, and that will result in a site that is updated far more regularly.

The other sites will redirect here indefinitely, but will eventually come offline.  All the old IROB links will eventually automatically redirect here, too.  Bear with us as we iron out any wrinkles and if you see any issues, please let me know.  Some of the Conspiracy Theory entries are borked as the images didn’t make it over with them but that will be fixed soon.

Right now we are working with the bare basics but we will be tarting up the site as the spirit moves us.  I’ll be adding new content as we fix up the site.  This week I’m itching to discuss the new Lindemann video and have an excellent book to kick off Odd Things Considered – Shane Hinton’s Pinkies.

So welcome to Odd Things Considered!  Stick around – I think we’ll have more to talk about in this new e-neck of the woods.

6 thoughts on “Welcome to Odd Things Considered!

    1. Oh man, your comment got clogged up because of links because I haven’t dinked around with comment settings yet. Sorry about that, Ben!

      Ooo, 366 weird movies sounds awesome. I haven’t been watching as much film/tv/video/whatever these days. But the winter is coming, I’ve been told, and I sense a hunkering down and watching of films might happen. I find myself wanting to watch Vincent Gallo movies and I don’t really know why.

      I also read House of Psychotic Women by Kier-La Janisse and that book was a mother lode of films I need to watch. It focuses on horror and exploitation films and how they portray feminine neuroses, so yeah, that list of films seems a bit on the nose for me.

      Thanks for the links!

    1. Mr OTC reserved a few years ago – we move slow on these sorts of things. I can’t wait until he has time to add pictures to the layout. Thanks for following me over here!

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