That is the online acronym that suits this site best: TL;DR – too long; didn’t read.

With this in mind, that is the title of the upcoming compendium of the best of Odd Things Considered that Nine Banded Books is publishing.  Chip Smith is pulling the best entries from the sites that became OTC and will be releasing what I suspect will be a massive doorstop of a book sometime in June.

It’s early days but I’ll share more as everything comes together.  I hope to have some new content in the book so that loyal readers here will have something new to read if they decide to shell out their hard-earned dollars and buy my book.

If this book didn’t have my name on it, I would buy it for the cover.  The cover would be my price of admission.  Seriously.  This is the best cover in the history of books, don’t deny it.  The cats, books and I come courtesy of Josh Latta, and Kevin Slaughter designed the layout.  It’s humbling to know that people I respect so much and whose work has delighted me worked/are working on this book.

Imagine five more cats in this drawing and this is pretty much a photo-realistic portrayal of life at Chez Oddthings.

So, just sharing some good news.  More book discussions around the bend, plus a couple of film/book combos I want to tackle, involving Bob Flanagan and Ron Athey.  Good times!

5 thoughts on “TL;DR

  1. Congratulations Anita! Amazing news. I tried pre-ordering the book but the site won’t let me, so I hope you’ll put up a link whenever it’s available to buy!

    1. I’ll ask Chip about the pre-order situation when I talk to him next. And thanks for the congrats! Your comments here have always made discussing books so much fun for me – your knowledge of the horror genre is a boon for this site.

    2. Chip Smith of 9BB here. I haven’t opened up pre-orders yet and I need to figure out how to remove the deceptive order link. I appreciate the reminder.

      Anita and I will do our best to let everyone know as soon as sales are open.

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