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So sorry for the silence on my end.  I’ve been writing quite a bit, so much in fact that I have written myself into a corner.  Every Cradle Is a Grave came into my life as I was experiencing death and the rage and depression death brings with it.  I have written over 20,000 words about the book and, though I am well-known for my wordiness, that is a wholly inappropriate number of words to use to discuss a book.  I am self-indulgent but luckily I still have a bit of self-awareness and now I am spending time editing so that I can present my frame of mind regarding the book without substituting my frame of mind for the book.  I will have the discussion up early next week.

I will also have another “middle of the road” discussion up either tomorrow or Thursday.

I’ve been immersed in some interesting media and topics this week, one of which turned into a rabbit-hole.  I follow the “Unresolved Mysteries” subreddit and a German user posted about a murder I had never heard of and as a result I have been scouring the Internet, reading crappy translations of old German news articles, finding every detail I can about it.  In 1998, thirteen year old Tristan Bruebach was murdered in such a sexually specific and audacious manner that I cannot believe I had not heard of this murder before and I also cannot believe this was the sole time the murderer performed such a killing. But against all logic, it seems like that is the case.  Seriously, three decades of reading and studying and I have never heard of a murder like this, and there are so many strange details about Tristan, his activities before his murder, and the way he was killed that even seasoned professional criminologists are baffled by the case.

I’ve also been listening to the Michigan band His Name Is Alive almost non-stop.  I don’t know how to describe this sort of music and the band has continually evolved since the late 80s so it’s hard to pigeon-hole the effort.  The only constant member of the band is Warren Defever, with different musicians and singers coming and going.

A friend of mine in college gave me a mixed tape with “Baby Fish Mouth” on it but it was the early 90s, no iTunes and precious little Internet outside of university labs, and tracking down small, indie bands was harder then. I finally got a copy of the album, Mouth by Mouth, and every song was worthwhile, which seldom ever seems to happen. The singer on this track, Karin Oliver, performed with HNIA for several years but evidently is now an account manager at a marketing firm.

“How Ghosts Affect Relationships” is from the album Livonia, released in 1990. It wasn’t until this album got uploaded to YouTube that I could access it. I don’t know if it’s rare or if it’s just that I wasn’t thorough. This is the best song on the album, I think, and it’s a little musical knife in my heart.

“How Dark Is Your Dark Side” is not the best song on Xmmer, a 2007 album, but I listen to it over and over because I love the singer, Andrea Morici. There is something sweetly hypnotic about her voice on this track. I think she may be the best vocalist to work with Defever.

So that’s where I am. Buried in hyperemotional reactions to a book about antinatalism, searching for information about a savagely murdered child, and listening to experimental rock. See you soon with a short entry about two short story collections that disappointed me sincerely.

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  1. I started following this page after I discovered TAR…I lurk a little, and rarely comment, but I had to when I see that you follow the same subreddit I avidly follow! I am /u/Wuornos on that thread and was equally intrigued by the post you are referencing. Good to hear that great minds have great hobbies 😉

    1. Hey, you! Good to hear from you! I saw a recent unresolved mysteries post from you.

      I fell further down the Tristan Bruebach hole when I found an article comparing his murder to the Family Murders in Australia – the colon damage and bleed out seem to have a common motivation. I cannot believe how little information is available about Tristan. Such a bizarre and horrible crime generally creates a shit storm of media coverage.

  2. Hi, Im from germany…

    Tristan was killed by the kikes…

    His Birthday is the 3. october (german national holliday)

    They raping and killing our gentile kids and they can do what they want in germany…no justice for these children 🙁

    1. Hey Sebastian, welcome and I hope you continue to comment but I prefer that you not use racial slurs on my site. That having been said, what makes you say you think the Jews killed Tristan? Anything specific other than Tristan’s birthday?

  3. Sorry for my words and sorry, my english is not well.

    He was a blond german boy, killed on 26 March….like simon from trient.

    I know othe cases they killed and raped german boys if they have the “false” birthdate.

    Its no joke, the jews can do whatever they want in germany.


  4. His Name…Tristan

    Know you Tristan und Isolda by Wagner?

    The Kind how the boy was killed..typical ritual murder…

  5. “and I have never heard of a murder like this!”

    Know you Jack the ripper?…Its no fantasy or a hollywood film..!!

    1. Hey Sebastian – I’m replying to your comments in this one reply. First, no worries about your English – you are perfectly understandable.

      Second, I didn’t explain myself well. If you are new to this site you have no way of knowing that I used to be a minor expert on facts about serial killers and gruesome murders. When I say I had never heard of a killing like Tristan’s, I mean literally that the details of his murder are unique. Jack the Ripper preyed on low-risk victims. He attacked prostitutes – women who would go with any man to any location. When he killed them, he did remove organs when he had the time and privacy but he did so in a ritualistic manner, the sole exception being the last victim.

      Tristan was a high-risk victim – a friendly little middle class boy. Tristan’s murder was performed by someone who did not want him to suffer, which could imply Tristan knew his killer. Prior to his death he certainly acted as if he was waiting to meet someone. His throat was cut and he bled out quickly. He was unconscious when the killer began to cut into his rectal area. I am replying on my phone and can’t link to it but there is a blog in German wherein the author speculates that the killer was trying to retrieve something from Tristan’s colon. What that is is open to wild speculation. I have never heard of anything like that.

      There is a case in Australia known as “The Family Murders” wherein a group of elites kidnapped young men, held them for a while asnthey sexually tortured them, actually raping them to death. One of the boys showed wounds similar to Tristan’s and it was speculated that he too was opened up in order to retrieve something from his colon, likely evidence that would tie the murderers to his corpse. But this case varies quite a bit from Tristan’s because these boys never knew their abductors, they were held for a long time and abused by multiple people, and though they were drugged with hypnotics to control them they definitely felt pain and were conscious during horrific rapes. And the sole man to go to prison for these murders – Bevan von Einem – isn’t a Jew, or if he is, I can’t find any reputable verification.

      One would assume that if Jews are specifically killing kids in in such a vile manner, there would be more cases like Tristan’s. Also, it would seem strange for such Jews to befriend their prey since it could lead back to them and Tristan’s killer probably knew him and didn’t want him to suffer the terrible things done to him. So that’s why I would need more cases like Tristan’s to believe a Jewish cabal is killing kids in Germany with such frequency and specific actions that Tristan’s death is an example of such murders. Does that make sense?

  6. Thank you for your answer.

    Sorry my english isnt well to make a long sensefull discussion with you, its my fault. Otherwise i would write longer with you.

    “Tristan was a high-risk victim – a friendly little middle class boy”

    No, he was a working class boy, hang around in the workingclass district, his father was a proleterian worker and his mother died about suicide 3 years before the killing.

    “So that’s why I would need more cases like Tristan’s to believe a Jewish cabal is killing kids in Germany with such frequency and specific actions that Tristan’s death is an example of such murders. Does that make sense”


    I know a case, i can tell you a link, but its only in german…

    Raping and tortued a blond nordic boy, found in waste…

    The Police and Media hide his birthday…

    I had recovered it…

    His Name was Stefan Lamprecht

    His birthdate:


    You know which man has birtday on 20.04…or not?

    And now, look the case Mary Ann Phagan and the jewish murder Leo Frank….

    Dont believe the lies about us germans!!

  7. And i can tell you other cases…in germany and in america…

    The most of white us-americans have german ancestors.

    Look to the case jonny gosch and see what they did with him…

    Im german, trust me, we!! know the jews and what they did and do…

    Raping whole countries and give their victims the guilt.

    Jesus said to the jews:

    “Your (sic) father is the devil”


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