Strange days

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The last two weeks totally didn’t happen, right? My days have melted into a sort of gelatinous yet dusty place where time has been rendered meaningless.

But I swear I have two discussions that will be online soon, with more to come. I want to do some more themed weeks but until I am able to adapt to this here Earth time, I don’t think I should try.

I did loot a used book store that is closing (and let us not speak of Borders lest I begin to cry and write another eulogy to the stupid corporate chain that stole and then broke my heart). I should write up the list of the books I purchased. Some were so old and so “collectible” they triggered my mold allergy. Good times.

Anyway, I am alive but useless in ways that words fail to convey to the non-useless. But book discussions are a-comin’ and they will be fun. God gets eaten by dogs, followed by junkie vampire teenagers in the Pacific Northwest who may not be vampires but I don’t know because I had to stop reading the book. Yes, I am going to review a book I couldn’t finish yet was so striking it demands a discussion. Strange days, indeed.

So tune in or check your blog readers from time to time because I totally swear I will be productive soon.

2 thoughts on “Strange days

  1. Funnily enough, I remembered the books you’re referring to from reading about them on amazon.

    God is Dead, by Jr. Ron Currie, and The Orange Eats Creeps, by Grace Krillanovich. This’ll be good.

    1. Duuuude! You’re good! The former will be up some time Friday and the latter hopefully on Monday. The Orange Eats Creeps has massacred a small part of my brain. It was horrible, excellent, amazing and utterly unreadable alll at the same time, which means it is probably a work of early genius.

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