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I think by now all readers here know I am subject to periods of cyclical depression and torpor wherein this site goes silent. I’ve been struggling this year with various issues that have made it hard to concentrate but one of those issues is clearing up (passing a website I ran on to another person) and the fog is lifting. Perhaps it is a sign that my depressions aren’t as terrible as those others face because, lately, when they happen, I don’t really feel hopeless because I remember that wonderful feeling that comes when the depression fades. It feels like Spring. It feels like a small rebirth, a shedding of old, psychic skin. I just have to hold on until my brain chemistry relents.

As a result of my current Spring-time zeal, I have some discussions of interesting books in queue, among them books by Chris Mikul, Dennis Cooper, Peter Sotos, Bradley R. Smith, David Paulides, Alissa Nutting, Hollister Koop, Gabrielle Wittkop, Andy Nowicki, Karen Russell and Michel Faber. (edited because I borked Alissa Nutting first go around, and then edited again because I messed up Bradley R. Smith’s name because the suck is strong with me this entry…)

I’m currently dealing with a minor obsession with mutualism and have been struggling through Kropotkin, which I don’t really recommend to anyone who doesn’t have intractable insomnia. I’ve also found myself spending way too much time reading Brandon Darby’s Twitter feed and his articles over on Breitbart’s site and wondering exactly how much the human sphincter can stretch. I’m not linking to them because I also cannot recommend reading them to anyone except those who really like the taste of vomit in the backs of their mouths. So Google with caution.

What have you guys been reading, investigating, or doing. Share it all, no detail too small. See you Tuesday-ish.

Song of my week, and god bless Laura Jane Grace!

8 thoughts on “Hibernation

    1. Ha! Mutualism is an anarchist economic theory that can be best summarized as an opposition to creating wealth through capital gains, interest and renting property because such economic gain is not linked to any real labor, and that labor should be rewarded economically with goods or services that are equivalent to the amount of labor performed.

      It’s beyond utopian. But I can bring this back around to my inane interests because Charles Fourier was one of the more famous mutualists, and Tom from Whit Stillman’s movie, Metropolitan, was a Fourierist.

      In short, I’ve had some hellish insomnia.

      1. Interesting! I honestly haven’t heard the term before, and didn’t know it was linked to Fourier.

  1. I found your blog awhile ago, maybe two months ago I think. I look forward to your future posts, I don’t think I could write as eloquent or coherent as you do. I have a book blog, but most of the time I sound like I’m just blabbering, like I’m doing now. By the way, isn’t it Alissa Nutting? I was like, “There’s another Nutting writer?” Sorry if I sound like an asshole.

    1. Hahaha, I don’t think you’re being an asshole. No, it is indeed Alissa – I misspelled it. Will edit that. Specifically I plan to discuss Tampa.

      Thanks for the praise! I’ll have to check out your book blog.

  2. I got burned out on anarchist theory a long time ago, but I was fascinated by it in college. You should check out Kevin Carson’s stuff if you’re curious about mutualism.

    Anyway, I’ve been reading more horror since I got picked up by Adventures in SciFi Publishing as their horror/bizarro/magic realism reviewer. I just reviewed SUFFER THE FLESH by Monica O’Rourke for my own blog, since the book was too explicit for them (they rejected my review of Jordan Krall’s HUMANITY IS THE DEVIL for the same reason), but reviews of Thomas Ligotti and Laird Barron are coming down the pipe on AISFP.

    I’m taking a break from horror for now by reading Jean Genet’s OUR LADY OF THE FLOWERS. It’s really beautifully written and I’m enjoying it a lot.

    I’m glad you’re feeling better, and I’m looking forward to your future reviews!

    1. I will check out Carson. Thanks for the rec!

      I read Suffer the Flesh in the mid-oughts and found it to be frustrating, sort of how I feel about Wrath James White when he gets so close to sealing the deal. Had O’Rourke balanced the horrific content with a more fleshed-out plot, this would have been an amazing book. I can also see why it would be too graphic for most online ‘zines. And congrats for landing the review gig! 🙂

      I have Humanity Is the Devil on my Kindle. I need to read it. Have you read Krall’s Penetralia? The last books of Krall’s that I read involved squids and a really gross foot fetish. They were funny but basic bizarro – most concept than perfect prose. Penetralia was amazingly different. Gothic, weird, interesting characterization, great plot. I was really impressed and need to remember to discuss it here.

      My next discussion is Peter Sotos’ Tool. It takes me a while to finish Sotos reviews because my reactions are so personal that I end up deleting a lot because it feels odd to share so much as I discuss someone else’s work. Hopefully I’ll have it up no later than Monday. I am so bad about reading other blogs – I need to check out yours and see what you’ve been up to.

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