Boston Marathon Bombing Conspiracies: Dzhokhar Was Framed/Is a Patsy

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Much of the conspiracy theory that has sprung up around the Boston Marathon bombing is spun from whole cloth, caused by misinterpretation of basic facts or is the result of complete cognitive failures on the parts of the theorists.  95% of the conspiracy theories can be debunked pretty easily, though I still put in the time because I think objective truth is worth working for.

But I have to say that there is so much strangeness surrounding Dzhokhar Tsarnaev that while I do not think he has been made a patsy by The Forces That Be, I can also say that  the media and governmental failures in this case are responsible directly for a lot of the conspiracy theory that has been formed around the idea that Dzhokhar is innocent.  When the mainstream media and the actual investigative agencies screw up this much, we have to expect conspiracies to crop up.  The regular conspiracy theory suspects are going to create theories but this time lots of regular people have been sucked into conspiracy theory because they find it difficult to believe what any agency or news source has to say about the case.  Some of what I write here will also be found in my article about the media failures and what may seem like odd governmental actions in the Boston bombing case, but I think they are worth repeating.  And frankly some repetition is inevitable.  And impossible.  It’s all been horked up in some sort of conspiracy theory hairball.  It’s just one big, interconnected mess.

There are so many conspiracies and so many rumors about Dzhokhar that again I find myself forced to break them out into separate entries.  Some may not be “theories” as such but rather examinations of evidence that play a role in the “Dzhokhar Was Framed” theories.  I feel I need to break them up into single entries because otherwise I will have a 20,000 word document, if that short, for all of the theories.  And a new one seems to pop up every day.   If you have a particular Dzhokhar conspiracy theory you would like to see explored here, let me know.  As many as I have found, I bet there are a lot more I haven’t read yet.  Stay tuned for some debunking and, and I have to be blunt here, lots of complaining about how information is disseminated by online sources and mainstream media.

While you are waiting for my first Dzhokhar debunk, be sure to have a look at my discussion of the “Free Jahar” fandom and be sure to check back later as I add to the Dzhokhar theory discussions.

4 thoughts on “Boston Marathon Bombing Conspiracies: Dzhokhar Was Framed/Is a Patsy

  1. I think about this part of the conspiracy theories a lot! While I do think Dzhokhar participated in the execution of the bombing, we just don’t have the facts about his role. It’s super easy to claim someone is innocent when there is no evidence to the contrary, and yet their is a photo of his dead brother on the internet. Like, if I can see a dead body the day after (hours after?) someone was killed, why can’t I see this infamous video of Dzhokhar dropping a backpack at the bombing site? If such a video exists, why on earth can’t we see it? If we are privy to such minutia as presented by CNN (Dzhokhar really likes Doritos!) why on earth can’t we see this damning evidence? I can’t think of a reason except that he is a scapegoat, and that Americans want to see someone suffer and pay for their own loss (and the government knows this). If Dzhokhar just showed up with his brother, knowing what was about to go down, is he still going to pay for his brothers crime with his own life? YEP. I feel this is the reason we can never see any evidence otherwise, it doesn’t exist.

    1. I am in a better place than most because we only have Apple TV and don’t watch network news unless it’s referenced in a YouTube video, so I haven’t been exposed to the media’s continuing role in this mess beyond what I encounter as I research. But if I were exposed to the continual onslaught of inanity slung out in the place of real news, I have to think I would feel similarly. I also am… unsettled by the pictures of Dzhokhar at the scene, especially in light of the backpack analysis WhoWhatWhy did.

      I think we need to wait for the prosecution to see what they have to offer in terms of evidence. On the most analytical level, I can see why the investigation would want to wait to reveal that tape, but the more “what the hell” side of my brain wonders what they have to lose by showing us that video. I am made more uneasy the roadblocks that were placed to prevent Dzhokhar’s defense from taking photos of him to show what has happened to him. Why would they not want his physical state documented? There’s no good reason other than that the kid is in such horrible shape that it would appall even the most bloodthirsty jury. And that brings into question the validity of an interview with this kid just after his surgery – if he looks so bad a month later it could prejudice juries, how well could he have possibly answered interrogation questions. And on top of all of that we find out that he has a broken arm caused from gunshot wounds (which I haven’t researched in depth yet so take it with grains of salt). Why didn’t we know about that? And the note? Why did they not release it a month ago when they went over that boat with a fine toothed comb?

      So much about the investigation into Dzhokhar is bizarre bordering on absurd. But I’m waiting until the trial because if that information is not revealed, we can then say the government likely never had it. Until then I too have to restrain myself from creating alternative theories. An absence of information is like a vacuum, that thing nature and the intelligent human brain abhors, and I too want answers. Waiting for what seems like something so simple is ridiculous but given some of what I have shown here, the result of filling in the blanks before we know things for certain ends up with poorly researched assertions demeaning bomb victims.

      But I agree with much of what you say here, Hils. And some of it is gonna be addressed in the Dzhokhar articles.

  2. Finally you say something reasonable (re: no Dhzokar video)… But…

    How can you possibly say its not a highly suspect story that- considering all the military, FBI, police and whatever else that were on site with extremely heightened security, not to mention just the extreme overly spied upon surveillance state we live in- missed these kids and their homemade cookware bombs? Really?

    But not only that after having gotten away with it the just went back to their normal lives?

    And then at least one of them managed to evade hundreds if not thousands of highly trained armed government representatives possesing untold hitech gadgets and gear including but not limited to helicopters and sattelite surveilance for nearly 24 hours after they were identified?

    That can only be one of two things: complete bullshit or a demonstration of such stunning government incompetence that it ought to be a huge scandal. Trillions wasted on police state surveillance and militarization and not only can they not stop some kids with some gun powder, cookware and nails but they had an exceedingly hard time catching them even after identifying them and nearly shot up some civilians in the process!*

    I mean this is like normal government incompetence to the 10th power.

    So we have either this is complete bullshit or all of the armed members of our government are incompetent ineffective retards that endanger us as much as the criminals.

    You really have to have some screws loose to not be extremely disturbed by this fantastical and unbelievable official story.

    Not to mention the gross violations of civil liberties and martial law in Boston.

    Where are you on the important issues here and trying to explain what DID happen instead of just trying to ridicule all those that are trying to solve the puzzle. How about some real substance here!?!

    *see the images taken by some kid with his iPhone of the shoot out and the bullet holes they put in his walls and car

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