Biting off more than I can chew

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There’s no way I can address all the Boston Marathon Bombing conspiracy theories in one entry.  I must have been a fool to think I could.  So I will be splitting them up into categories and posting them as I feel I have the category or subcategory complete.  I’ll be posting the backpack theories Tuesday morning and will continue working on all the other theories until I have them covered.  No idea how long that will take, but as my husband often says, “It’ll take however long it takes.”

Some of my examinations may seem excessive or even anal, but I take conspiracy theory seriously because I take objective truth seriously.  Moreover,  for every 100 completely lunatic ideas, there is always one that makes sense and could be true if only we examine it closely enough.  To dismiss any theory without deep examination, for me, is much more condescending than just snerting and calling conspiracy theorists crazy.  So prepare for in-depth analysis from me.

See you Tuesday and wish me luck as I swim in the deep end of the Boston bomber conspiracies.  If you’ve seen something in particular you think would be good for me to look at, please, please, please let me know.

2 thoughts on “Biting off more than I can chew

  1. *clapping and jumping in place* I can’t wait! I am curious about the conspiracy theory that Jeff Bauman would have died within 15 minutes of losing that much blood. I’m one of those open-minded conspiracy folks, I rarely write off a reasonable theory because I am inherently distrustful of the media, the sensational WACKJOBS, *AND* the government. I like to see ALL of them debunked!

  2. I admit I’ve deliberately avoided any Boston Marathon-related discussion because I find the topic too depressing, but I do look forward to reading an objective survey of what people are proposing. I’m definitely “for” a thorough approach over a longer period of time.

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