2083 by Anders Behring Breivik, Part 3: Breivik

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Before I begin discussing Anders Behring Breivik’s words from 2083, I want to remind any new readers that this is a four-part series.  You can read my take on Fjordman’s articles from 2083 in Part One and Part Two.

I am dreading writing about Anders Behring Breivik.   Whether I understood it consciously or not, I began discussing Fjordman because he was so much easier to write about.  His words, even as they appalled me, were words I knew he thought were true, plus there is the added benefit that he never killed anyone.  Fjordman’s passion indicated that he was emotionally connected to his dreadful topics.  At no time did I feel like I was reading the whole truth when I was reading Breivik’s own contributions to his manifesto.  Many times he read emotionally flat even as he was discussing war and executions.

I don’t think anyone will ever see the real face of Anders Behring Breivik and that is why I dread writing about him.  He wears many faces and in so doing, hides his real motives.  He is a man who carefully constructed an image before his rampage and is carefully maintaining that image even after his arrest.  I can make no assertions that I have nailed Breivik because I am not a psychologist.  All I can say is that as a person who has a vast interest in strange ideas and strange people, I have met many people who had or still have ideas I find anathema to a healthy world.  Some of these people were friendly, intelligent and affable and their strange beliefs took back stage to the whole of their personality.  Some were dark, dangerous people whom I never hope to see or correspond with again.  But every one of them was a real person, charming and glib, or earnest and odd, or determined and frightening but there was a core of humanity to them that could not be denied even as I was appalled with elements of their ideologies.  Even when I wanted to shake Fjordman, the reason I wanted to shake him was because he is real, someone whose words could create an honest, human reaction.

The same cannot be said of Breivik.  Even taking into account the number of articles he reproduced from Fjordman and other Islamophobic writers, there was not much of Breivik present in his manifesto.   That sense of no one being at home was not helped by the fact that he often reproduced chunks of text from other writers without attributing it, leading to the impression that those words were his.  He outright plagiarized Ted Kaczynski.  I swear at times I felt like I was reading slightly repackaged essays from William Lind.   Hundreds of pages of  Breivik’s interpretation of historical events, political actions and religious beliefs, all as absorbing as entries from supermarket encyclopedias.  And about as facile, too.  His criticism of political correctness/cultural Marxism showed about as much understanding of the Frankfurt School and reactions to the New Criticism as an answer to a high school essay question.  And one assume those high school essayists would know not to crib entire entries from Wikipedia.

All of the plagiarism accusations, all of them correct, popped up after the manifesto was discovered and bloggers ran it through software that detects unfair usage.  People seemed jubilant in a manner I could not understand because, on its face, who cares if a mass murderer of children plagiarized his brick of a manifesto?  There are far more moral issues to discuss when talking about Breivik.  The plagiarism, rather than being one more example of the criminal nature of Breivik needs to be looked at in terms of what it represents.  Plagiarism is a form of lying, a form of intellectual theft, and when one steals the ideas of others, it can point to the notion that the plagiarist is trying to either align himself with ideas he thinks are brilliant or he is trying to cover up a lack of confidence in his own writing.  I think Breivik’s plagiarism points to both but it also points to something else I will discuss Part Four.

There were moments when Breivik wrote in an extemporaneous, personal style, like in the sections where he reproduced his diary and discussed actions he truly performed.  But even when he was talking about himself, he often used trite devices to distance himself from his exposure.  It was as if he realized he was talking about himself too much and wanted to distract from it, but couldn’t stop writing about himself even if he tried.  For instance, he produces an “interview” called  “Interview with a Justiciar Knight Commander of the PCCTS, Knights Templar” and for a few minutes, I thought that maybe, perhaps I was reading the words of a compatriot in Breivik’s scheme.  He makes references to having comrades in arms as well as ideology.  But no, it was an interview with himself (and whether or not I think the text proves he acted alone is something I will touch on in in depth my fourth article).

When someone who borrows ideology from others, when someone plagiarizes the key points of his manifesto, when he writes as if he has a book open in front of him, yet carries on an interview with himself that goes on for 64 pages, that is a clue of sorts.  That clue is that his personality is more important than his ideology.  I will later make the assertion that Breivik has a personality disorder, an armchair psychiatric diagnosis to be sure, but for now, Breivik to me is sui generis because he is so bland and so self-absorbed.  He is a media-age monster, grooming his image before and after his rampage.   It is almost as if how he is perceived is more important than how his actions are perceived, and that will be a key discussion in my part four.

As a woman who knows far more about mass murderers and sociopaths than I ever planned to discover, Breivik is a monster unto himself.  He lacks the simmering hatred with a catastrophic trigger that is associated with most mass murderers.  For a religious man, who discusses Catholicism as a means of conquering his greatest foes, he talks about it dispassionately and incorporates little of it in his daily life, the Knights Templar cover notwithstanding.  In fact, the only time I sensed Breivik was showing emotion was during the first pages of his manifesto when he discusses the utopia he feels like he lost out on because of cultural Marxism, and during some of the discussions of cultural Marxism itself.  When he expressed anger in the sections about Islam, the anger very much seemed borrowed from other writers.  I sensed none of Fjordman’s urgent paranoia.   In fact, I wonder if Fjordman was Breivik’s favorite writer because Fjordman had something Breivik lacks – a passionate identity.  Breivik’s utter lack of self outside of his interest in his appearance is remarkable.

Breivik, even in his manifesto, comes across as vain, isolated, and more of a Walter Mitty fantasist than a mass murderer driven by religious bigotry.  At times his manifesto read more like an RPG manual, casting a strange light over his use of video games to train.    I wonder if, in a narcissistic haze, he saw all of his victims as two-dimensional characters in the self-centered game going on in his head. He comes across more as a man trying on roles – Mason, Knight Templar, Eurabian theorist, chemist, marksman, international criminal and male model – than a man who was driven by hate for Islamic immigration or such deep love for his country he had to protect it at any cost.   And there is a reason for those disparities, one all too common.

The reason is that Breivik is a liar.  He lies to himself and he lies to us in his manifesto.  He hid a key motive for the murders behind hundreds of pages of vaguely relevant information. He isn’t crazy – people with personality disorders can be terribly deluded but they are not insane.  He is simply a fabulist, a man who hated the life he was born into and the life he had come to live and was willing to do anything to redefine himself.

Does this mean he was not influenced by Fjordman?  Of course he was.  I think I made my case for how it is Fjordman’s violent rhetoric influenced Breivik.  And in terms of common sense, you don’t reproduce article after article from another writer in your mass murder manifesto unless you are influenced or inspired by them in some way.   Even had Breivik never read a word of Fjordman’s work, it still would have been violent, bigoted and misogynistic.   It is just Fjordman’s great misfortune that his loaded mini-manifestos found a reader willing to take his words to heart.  But I think Fjordman may have influenced Breivik in a way that no one could have anticipated, a way no one can hold Fjordman responsible for.  I think Breivik, who already had distaste for Muslims and feminism, found Fjordman so intoxicating because he longed to have the influence that Fjordman had and probably still has.

Fjordman was a part of a tightly knit group of Islamophobes online.  People in that oeuvre looked up to Fjordman.  They found him to be a great thinker.  And Breivik even wanted to meet Fjordman but was rebuffed.   I cannot entirely make the case that Breivik had an ideological and sociological crush on Fjordman, but it sure seemed likely when I finished the manifesto.   And this is a stretch, but I also wonder how Breivik truly felt about Fjordman refusing to meet him.  In his manifesto, he makes little jabs at men who blog and do not act.    It is sheer speculation but it has a ring of truth to it that if Breivik could not meet his idol, if he could not become a part of the thinkers who fueled his ideology, he would best him in some manner.

But that’s just one of the theories floating in my head.  While Breivik was decidedly an Islamophobe, there definitely other motives that fueled his rampage.  The very way he begins his manifesto is a very good clue that he has mixed motives.  The beginning is not an overview of atrocities attributed to Muslims, but rather a discourse on how the family of the 1950s cannot exist in a politically correct world.  I intend to make the case in Part Four that Breivik was as equally motivated by twisted emotions about what he considers the destruction of his own family as he was the need to end Muslim immigration in Europe.  Though in his manifesto he gives a reason for why he did not shoot Muslims, the fact that he shot young people, teens, having fun at a summer camp, speaks to motives in addition to Islamophobia.  It is more in line with his loathing of cultural Marxism, but even that only goes so far.  By shooting teenagers, he violated even his own outline of the “traitors” who needed to die first.  He shot to death dozens of teenagers because he was striking out at a country he felt deprived him of the family and youth he thinks he deserved and missed out on.

So, in my estimation, Breivik is a liar both to himself and his audience, and his motives go further than just a look at his hatred discussed disjointedly and blandly in his manifesto.  Given that much of his manifesto is the work of others, either attributed or plagiarized, and that his pages and pages of historical revisionism and examples of Bad Things Muslims Have Done Over The Past 1400 Years are just regurgitated facts from Islamophobia sites, I don’t even see the point of discussing them.  Discussing Fjordman’s anti-Muslim beliefs is discussing Breivik’s anti-Muslim beliefs.  You can find analysis of those parts of his manifesto elsewhere, and in the comments on those sites you will find refutations that are then refuted and in turn there is more refutation but there is never a conclusion.  A True Believer in conspiracy theory cannot change his or her argument and non-believers are foolish even to try and convince them to see reason on an online venue.  So I am not going to examine all that minutia and those “facts” repackaged and filtered through Eurabia conspiracy theory.  It would just be my facts against their facts and it would be a colossal waste of time.

Instead, I intend to examine this manifesto in two ways.  In this article, Part Three, I want to discuss the framework Breivik set up for the massacre and the things he actually did to prepare.   I warn you – Part Three is the  least interesting part of my analysis and probably reads that way.  But it is worth looking at, I think.  Breivik  may be lying about some of the things he did, but that framework at least seems to have some authenticity to it.  The framework, in which he analyzed who should be killed, how to go about it, evasive maneuvers, etc. was clearer and seemed less copied and false than all the facts he vomited up.

There are some out there who seem to think this manifesto should not be discussed at all because parts of it read like The Anarchist Cookbook combined with some volumes from Paladin Press and to discuss it is to aid in the dissemination of such information. I find that laughable at best because there is nothing in this manifesto that the average teenager cannot find in several minutes using a Smart Phone.  Moreover, refusing to look at this section because it is deemed too dangerous to discuss just perpetuates the thought that Breivik had to have had help or financial backing, and feeds the fear that there is a sinister group of people training to kill Muslims and liberals in Europe.  If nothing else, this manifesto shows what the so-called super-empowered individual can accomplish on his own, which is cold comfort, I know.

All of that having been said, I don’t intend to reproduce any content that could prove a legal liability to this site or to my web hosting service.

In Part Four, which will hopefully come no later than early next week, I will discuss common questions the manifesto answers, Breivik’s emotional motives that fueled the murders, what I consider to be a personality disorder that is evident even to those who did not read 2083, and other inconsistencies and issues that cropped up as I read his “interview” and his diary.  That, I think, will be infinitely more interesting than this discussion.

But if you’re still here with me, let’s discuss Anders Behring Breivik.

Breivik (and Fjordman) declare war

Though Breivik quotes John F. Kennedy and Thomas Jefferson as he makes his case for the moral justification for bloody “counter-jihad,” he writes out a case for a planned, tactical murder spree.  It was utterly unnerving to read the intricate plans he created, the experiments he ran, the way he set out methodically making lists of traitors to kill and the advice he gives.  As I have already warned, as he discusses the Muslim and cultural Marxist threat,  at no time did those words sound like they came from him.  He believed that both were a threat, he genuinely is an Islamophobe and a person who loathes what he considers to be cultural Marxism, but his personality never came out until about page 775, when Part Three of the manifesto begins. Entitled “A Declaration of pre-emptive War,” it is here that he begins to create what, as I referred to above, reads like  a manual for a role-playing game.

It was very interesting to me that I most felt the personality of Breivik when I read what seems like an exercise in unreality, or maybe alternate reality.   The part of him that read the most real was when he was descended into fantasy.  To give the devil his due, he warns us it is all fantasy.  From pages 766-767:

Book 3, “A Declaration of preemptive War” and certain chapters in book 2 in this compendium, titled “2083”, and all related research files describes a hypothetical response to a perceived threat (so called cultural  Marxist/multiculturalist atrocities and the threat of Islamisation). As such, it is a fictional description regarding how it could be like if Islam would be dominant in Europe. The concept of the story/plot is based on what it would be like if certain Christian/conservative/nationalist resistance groups/individuals chose to oppose these so called perceived threats and enemies. It describes in shocking detail how they would most likely rationalise/think/justify/argue and behave towards these perceived threats/enemies. This books chapter 3 describes how a “fictional” resistance group is emerging and how it would operate from the so called “Phase 1 through Phase 3” in order to prevent these perceived threats and atrocities from futher manifesting and to prevent an alleged future Muslim takeover. It also describes specifically how this hypothetical fictional group, “PCCTS, Knights Templar”, would choose to respond towards the so called ”enablers” or the so called “cultural Marxist/multiculturalist” elites that are allegedly allowing millions of Muslims to enter Europe.

Yeah, he puts words like fictional in quotes to give it the illusion that he is writing in a “wink-wink-nudge-nudge” manner, indicating that this is not, in fact, utter fiction. And I know others out there soundly disagree with me on this, but this is fiction. There are racist, bigoted, utterly offensive groups out there who echo his sentiments about Muslim immigration.  Fjordman’s beliefs are more or less Breivik’s beliefs. There are many who believe as he does and some even think it was quite a good idea that he shot all those young Socialists but not a single one of them backed him, financially or even in terms of overt moral support. He acted alone.

That is particularly hard for people in the United States to believe. We really like the ideas of vast conspiracies to commit the acts that one very motivated person could  do on his or her own. We also don’t like the idea that a person could have more than one motive to do the unthinkable. I am just a book blogger, meaning I have no credentials to my name other than an English degree and a stack of books in my brain, but if there is to be any understanding of Breivik, we will have to accept that he had more than one motive when he murdered 77 people. As I discuss the criteria he set up for those he considered traitors, all the experiments he engaged in, how he funded everything via sponging off his mother and credit card fraud, it will be tempting to think he killed all those people for one reason and one reason alone: because he loathed Muslims and feared the Socialist government would continue to let them immigrate unless they were stopped somehow. Even though I will discuss the other motives in depth in Part Four, keep them in mind as you read. In addition to being a violent religious bigot, I think that his bizarre, game-like interaction with the world and his extreme narcissism were also potent motives.

And this is why I feel so much pity for Fjordman. His ideas are repellent and it is a good thing they have been dragged out into the light. It is good for society that his unhealthy ideas are being confronted. But it was just his bad luck that Breivik chose him as his inspiration. Fjordman stands responsible for his violent rhetoric and is damn lucky no one took him seriously before Breivik but Breivik and his strange mind are solely responsible for what happened on 7/22. Fjordman simply inspired him and may be a dreadful person in other respects but he did not cause this. Had Fjordman not ever blogged a single word, Breivik would have found inspiration and justification for his war games. Of that I feel certain.

Breivik begins the third part of his manifesto by quoting Fjordman’s article, “A European Declaration of Independence,” wherein the citizens of Europe, almost amusingly and almost certainly impotently, demand on pain of refusing to pay taxes that the European governments stop Muslim immigration, withdraw from the EU, cease support of Palestine, no longer permit progressive curricula in schools, and generally stop acting like the 1950s ever ended. It ends with this sentence, on page 770, emphasis mine:

We will stop paying taxes and take the appropriate measures to protect our own security and ensure our national survival.

And that, dear readers, is why I don’t feel that much pity for Fjordman.

The Civil War Timeline

Breivik meticulously writes out the timeline for the civil war he insists he is ushering in. He includes events that led to his desire to see the legitimate governments of Europe overthrown and goes on until the last traitor is executed. I’ll discuss just the summaries. From page 803 he explains phase one:

Phase of Dialogue, 1955-1999
– From the creation of EU’s Eurabia project in combination with the implementation of cultural Marxism (European multiculturalism) in 1955 to the NATO bombing campaigns of Serbian forces in 1999 authorised by criminal Western European and US leaders.

Okay, phase one was Eurabia’s implementation, and dialogue with the traitors failed to achieve any change.

Also from page 803:

European Civil War, Phase 2 – 2030-2070
– Islam, 15-40% based on country
– Consolidation continues, more advanced forms of resistance groups.
– Preparation for pan-European coup d’états.

Muslims invade Europe, resistance groups form, localized revolutionaries gird their loins.

Still on page 803:

European Civil War, Phase 3 – 2070-2083
– Islam, 30-50% based on country
– Pan-European coup d’états. Cultural Communism/multiculturalism defeated in the first European country followed by the rest.
– The implementation of a Cultural Conservative political agenda begins.
– Execution of cultural Marxist/multiculturalist category A and B traitors initiated.
– Deportation of Muslims initiated.

Even more Muslims, the natives revolt, Marxists are wiped out culturally, traitors killed and Muslims sent away.

Observe the mind-numbing horror that is a mass murder manifesto with all the characteristics of a gaming manual. Not satisfied to put out his goals and the timelines, he also has to inform us of the potential outcomes of these theoretical timelines. He is a thorough game master. Still on page 803:

There are four potential outcomes of Phase 2 and 3
1. The Multiculturalist Alliance might attempt to create several “mini-Pakistan’s” within Europe (granting Muslims territory/autonomy). This must be stopped at all costs.
2. Reformation of Islam resulting in a secularised and impotent version who rejects larger parts of Sharia law, the concept of Quranic abrogation, Al-Taqiyya, Jihad and every “intolerant” sura and hadith. This scenario is very unlikely due to the fact that it would only be supported by the secular Muslims.
3. Coup – European Resistance Movements with the assistance of the national militaries will successfully overthrow the cultural Marxist/multiculturalist regimes of Western Europe resulting in Muslim deportations (relatively few casualties). This scenario is the preferred outcome.
4. Civil war (cultural conservatives vs. cultural Marxists and Muslim forces) – resulting in atrocities committed by both sides (Lebanon/Serbia variants). Atrocities such as acts of genocide or unchecked pogroms might be a result in scenario 1. 2. 3. or 4. Many inhabitants will flee to the US, Russia, Australia or New Zealand. One of the above scenarios is likely to happen before the end of Phase 2 (2030-2070) or in Phase 3.

Okay, so now you know how the timeline could not go according to plan. This is a very micromanaging, fussy manifesto.

The Knights Templar

The idea of the Knights Templar enforcing a European identity via creating a new sort of Christendom caused a lot of people to rush to the judgement that Breivik had some sort of link to right-wing Christians.   It also caused some consternation because  the very idea of a cloaked, hidden group of warriors working behind the scenes to kill Socialists, in the wake of 7/22, had to be terrifying.

But it is all fantasy. It is all a part of the strange game Breivik was playing (and I hope I am not offending anyone by using the word game – nothing was funny or playful about what happened as a result of Breivik’s delusional thinking). I have been wrong before and will be wrong again but I assert there is no cadre of Knights waiting to repel the Muslims, following Breivik’s plans. There is some temptation to lump the Gates of Austria writers, Fjordman and similar into the idea of a hidden group dedicated to civil war in Europe, but I think it is best if everyone just accepts that Breivik acted alone. The human mind recoils at a human being so controlled, so precise and so planned that he could commit such murderous mayhem without any assistance, but after reading this manifesto, I truly believe that was the case.

Breivik begins this part of the manual by entitling it “A European Military Order re-emerges – In Praise of the New Knighthood.” He describes the history of the Knights Templar, which is not particularly interesting, but I do want to share this part, from page 812:

The Knights Templar, whose official name was: Pauperes commilitones Christi Templique Solomonici (PCCTS) (English: Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon), were among the most famous of the Western Christian military orders.

This is important only because the acronym PCCTS comes up from time to time. Most of this largely bears no discussion because it is simply regurgitated from the Wikipedia entry on the Knights Templar, with parts that didn’t suit his purposes edited out. The only other part worth mentioning is from page 812:

The red cross that the Templar Knights wore on their robes was a symbol of martyrdom (the symbol was referred to as “cross of the martyr”), and to die in combat was considered a great honour that assured a place in heaven.

This is important because martyrdom will come up again. Many have wondered why Breivik did not take his life at the end of his rampage in order to achieve the martyrdom he feels is his reward. Well, a couple of reasons. He makes it clear later he is now a living martyr, suffering for his beliefs and serving as an example to us all. But really, I wonder if anyone can  really imagine the man who wrote out all of these controlling, finicky, excessively explained details and instructions ever removing himself from the story?

We begin to see more of his game manual writing again on page 816, and whenever you see a bunch of slashes, you can tell Breivik is making things up:

The time for dialogue is over. We gave peace a chance. The time for armed resistance has come. PCCTS, Knights Templar on behalf of the free peoples of Europe, hereby declare a pre-emptive war against the cultural Marxist/ multiculturalist regimes of Western Europe. We acknowledge that Europe has been in a technical state of civil war
since 1999 when European and US cultural Marxists/multiculturalists, through NATO, decided to attack Christian Serb forces and thus disallowing them their right to repel Islam from their ancestral lands.

The war against the cultural Marxist/multiculturalist regimes of Europe is a pre-emptive war, waged in order to repel, defeat or weaken an ongoing Islamic invasion/ colonisation, to gain a strategic advantage in an unavoidable war before that threat materialises. Thus, we consider this pre-emptive war as completely justifiable as it is a war of self-defence.
We cannot afford to wait around and re-act when it is too late. We have anticipated, identified and will act accordingly upon the refuse, volatile, national and international conditions before they become explosive, before they lead us to catastrophe.

And again, it bears repeating that there is no one but him. There is no army acting on behalf of anyone. It’s just a strange, deluded man killing people.

In a game manual, this would be in the background story section. Setting the scene, if you will. From page 817:

Pauperes commilitones Christi Templique Solomonici – PCCTS (the Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon), the Knights Templar was re-founded in London in 2002 by representatives from eight European countries, for the purpose of serving the interests of the free indigenous peoples of Europe and to fight against the ongoing European Jihad (referred to as the “third Jihad”). The Knights Templar was re-founded as a pan-European nationalist military order and a military/criminal tribunal with two primary objectives. The order is to serve as an armed Indigenous Rights Organisation and as a Crusader Movement (anti-Jihad movement).

The founding session (two meetings consisting of 4 founding members and host as a security precaution) was held in London, United Kingdom – Apr, 2002.

Founding (re-founding) members:
Anonymous 1 – Nationality: English Protestant (Host)
Anonymous 2 – Nationality: English Christian atheist
Anonymous 3 – Nationality: French Catholic
Anonymous 4 – Nationality: German Christian atheist
Anonymous 5 – Nationality: Dutch Christian agnostic
Anonymous 6 – Nationality: Greek Orthodox
Anonymous 7 – Nationality: Russian Christian atheist
Anonymous 8 – Nationality: Norwegian Protestant (member and proxy for 9)
Anonymous 9 – Nationality: Serbian Orthodox (by proxy, location: Monrovia, Liberia)

Unable to attend:
Anonymous 10 – Nationality: Swedish
Anonymous 11 – Nationality: Belgian
Anonymous 12 – Nationality: European-American

(Names will be kept classified indefinitely to avoid cultural Marxist/ multiculturalist persecution but each individual may reveal his own name during the three phases at his own convenience).

Remember, even though he put “fictional” in quotes, this is fiction. These are the utterings of a narcissist. Of course, of all the people in Norway who find Islamic immigration objectionable, this man, with very little online presence and whose sole military experience may or may not have been during some boot-camps for pay in Eastern Europe, would be the first choice of a resurrected chivalric order to represent Norway in the secret meeting that planned a counter-jihad. Or he’s a narcissist with no accomplishments who needs to give the illusion that beyond the horrific murders of innocents, he is a man of power and prestige. I think the “by proxy” part is the best detail. You know how it is when people are lying and they create all kinds of extraneous details to make their tale sound more real? “By proxy” is just such a detail. Meaningless but hopefully gives a sense of greater reality.

At any rate, at this meeting, these national representatives decided that their unified purpose included the following, from page 818:

· Oppose all hate-ideologies; communism (anti-individualistic), cultural Marxism/multiculturalism (anti-European), Islam (anti-kafr) and national socialism (anti-Jewish).
· 100 year plan to contribute to seize political power in Western European countries currently controlled by anti-nationalists (cultural Marxist/multiculturalist regimes). Bring freedom and cultural and demographical sustainability to all Europeans
· Serve and protect the indigenous peoples of Europe and all other loyal and patriotic European individuals
· Preserve European culture, traditions and heritage
· Stop the ongoing European cultural and demographical genocide facilitated by the cultural Marxists/multiculturalists, suicidal humanists, and capitalist globalist elites
· Prevent the deconstruction of Christendom in Europe
· Prevent further Islamic demographic warfare – disallow the Muslim invasion/colonisation of Europe
· Repulse Islam from Europe by the initiation of future deportation campaigns
· Effectuate punishment for Western European cultural Marxist/multiculturalist/globalist perpetrators for crimes committed against the indigenous peoples of Europe
· Oppose and defeat the Multiculturalist Alliance (MA 100) in Europe using any and all means necessary
· Support Israel’s fight against Jihad
· Liberation of the Middle East Christians from Islamic rule
· Virtues such as the willingness to martyr oneself for the cause, the exercise of discretion, voluntary poverty and devoted obedience to the principles are mandatory for all Justiciar Knights
· Honour the wishes and memories of our forefathers, who secured European security and prosperity in the past
· Follow the PCCTS’s mantra – “Martyrdom before Dhimmitude”.

Okay, so that’s the mission statement of the new Knights Templar.

After this he goes into pure game manual writing again, discussing in depth the phases and ranks of the Knights Templar and explains who can join. It may or may not surprise you that basically anyone can join. From page 820:

Any self appointed Justiciar Knight has been given the authority, by PCCTS on behalf of;
1. The free indigenous peoples of Europe
2. Those Europeans not yet born
3. The legacy of our forefathers and fallen martyrs
– to act as a judge, jury and executioner until the free, indigenous peoples of Europe are no longer threatened by cultural genocide, subject to cultural Marxist/Islamic tyranny or territorial or existential threats through Islamic demographic warfare. It is therefore within any- and every-ones right to act in accordance with the given guidelines.

So you can appoint yourself in the name of the unborn and every natural-born European citizen whether they want you to or not. I know he is trying to be mystical in an Arthurian vein but I often found myself wanting to laugh. Then I remembered this is the blueprint of a man who killed teenagers in the name of a non-existent organization and the urge to laugh faded. Breivik continues to discuss the new Templars and their objectives, from pages 822-823:

Creating awareness of specifically defined topics is the essence of our phase 1 struggle. We will launch information campaigns and create awareness by using any means necessary, including distribution of our messages by
using lethal shock attacks against concentrations of class A and B traitors in a pan-European context. The primary goal of the shock attacks is not the immediate physical manifestation of the attack (destroying a few buildings, killing a few hundred traitors) but rather the indirect effects. Shock attacks will have the potency to penetrate the strict
censorship regime of the cultural Marxists/multiculturalists. Any substantial shock attack will therefore have the potential to do massive ideological damage on the multicultural ideology (as the multicultural dream will become ever so distant) and its propagators in various ways;
– Education of the European peoples – people will be interested to know why buildings around them are falling down and will seek information themselves and/or learn what the media presents
– Moral effect/recruitment – encouraging thousands of brothers and sisters
– Creating important military and ideological reference points
– Increasing and developing the level of innovation/sophistication of methods applied
– Contribution to increase the acceptance level of new methods applied
– Discouraging our enemies which may lead to direct/indirect “defection”, or fear/reservations against criticising right wingers etc.
– Contribution to force many Europeans out of their self-induced coma
– Many individuals (especially category A, B and C traitors who until now has just “gone with the flow”) will re-evaluate the premises for their support to multiculturalism (destruction of our European cultures) or at least the premises for allowing mass-Muslim immigration/the ongoing Islamisation and will re-consider if it is really worth the trouble
– Contribution for creating a broader acceptance for defending and support European culture without being target of EUSSR labelling techniques (bigot, fascist, Nazi, racist).
– Marketing the resistance movement
– Making moderate cultural conservatives more approachable, by the establishment, by broadening or expanding the very definition of extreme right wing axis etc.
– Many individuals (politically neutral) may start to have reservations against working in government buildings (near concentrations of category A or B traitors) which will help polarise the left and right.

This was hard to read because the events of 7/22 were shock attacks.  It’s numbing to see them referred to so impassively. Given how quickly even a man like Fjordman disavowed Breivik, how calmly and without grandstanding the people of Norway dealt with this horror, it would appear that the only thing Breivik accomplished was forcing Fjordman into hiding and encouraging disgust for people like Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer.

In the midst of pages and pages about what the Knights are going to do, Breivik comes out with this, and fabulist that he is, this is where he is is trying to make people believe that even though he obviously acted alone, as his manifesto bears out, he was also a part of a larger agency. From page 827:

As a Justiciar Knight, you are a part of an indestructible network of cells, spread all around Europe that functions without a central command.

No dormant cell can remain inactive waiting for orders from above. Your obligation as a Justiciar Knight/a cell commander is to act on your own initiative. Any single patriot who wants to establish a cell and begin action can do so, and thus becomes a part of the organisation.

The initial advantages of our clandestine cells are:
1. We take the enemy by surprise.
2. We know the terrain of the encounter.
3. We have greater mobility and speed than the police.
4. We are in command of the situation, and demonstrate great decisiveness, which on
the other hand will result in our enemy being stunned and incapable of acting.
5. We are prepared to die in order to complete our objectives.

Interesting. But rest assured, there is no indestructible network of cells around Europe. There are just bigots on the Internet and the occasional man like Breivik, who is building his own delusional legend on the backs of innocent people.

There’s a lot more about the cell structures, organizational structure, mistakes to avoid, and the philosophical and actual use of terror as the Knights Templar intend to use it against European citizens. He runs true to type and he mentions the movie The Matrix. But it was not until his discourse on how he didn’t want to have to kill but had to for reasons of patriotism that he mentioned anything worth discussing in all those pages. From page 837:

As a Justiciar Knight you are operating as a jury, judge and executioner on behalf of all free Europeans. Never forget that it is not only your right to act against the tyranny of the cultural Marxist/multiculturalist elites of Europe, it is your duty to do so.

There are situations in which cruelty is necessary, and refusing to apply necessary cruelty is a betrayal of the people whom you wish to protect.

At times, in all these details, I wondered if he really was trying to explain himself to us. He employs a strange logic here, wherein he must kill the very people he wants to save. He later explains that to kill Muslims would have even worse results as it would give the Muslims more of a sense of martyrdom and would result in Muslim and EU retaliation against Westerners.  But even so, this is strange – he must kill his countrymen with cruelty to save them.

Breivik discusses martyrdom a lot in the section on the Justiciar Knights. Here’s his take on what happens to a dead Justiciar Knight, from page 940:

They may physically kill a Justiciar Knight, but your name will be remembered for centuries. Your story will be told to future generations which will significantly contribute to the morale in the emerging Western European conservative resistance movement.

Possibly, but generally mass murderers of children are remembered poorly. As a rule, it is safe to assume that if you kill kids, people will curse your name. I’m pretty certain of that. I can’t tell if he is being delusion or disingenuous.

Also from page 940:

This is the critical and essential mission we, the Justiciar Knights, have been tasked with. This is why we are willing to martyr ourselves for the cause, for the greater good of our people. Do not mourn us but celebrate us instead; and celebrate all European patriotic martyrs who HAS fought and ARE still fighting for you and for your family. Because after all; we are fighting for the freedom of all Europeans. We must fight on behalf of our brothers and sisters because the great majority of our women, the ignorant, the weak, the impaired, the cowardly and the selfish are either unable or unwilling to fight.

At some point in this I also had to ask if Breivik was writing delusions or if he was just throwing out wishful thinking. Was he a man trapped in a video game of his own making, lashed to it by the tendrils of his narcissism that required him to kill in order to overcome a personality reads like Reich’s Little Man?  Or was he just a murderous, sick man who created an elaborate cover story to conceal his nasty motives? Though I have my theories, I have to admit that I don’t know if anyone will ever know what made Breivik murder people. Fjordman’s rhetoric of violence was no help, to be sure, but there was a killer in Breivik before he ever read a word of Fjordman’s.

Breivik discusses the crimes against Europe

Breivik lays out in excruciating details all of the things considered crimes to his imaginary Knights Templar reincarnation.  The crimes  resemble nothing so much as the rules for people playing an adversarial role-playing game. If you have ever read the background set-up and rules for such a game, you will understand what I mean, except instead of power levels for trolls and elves, you have criminal rankings for traitors to white, Christian Europeans and an enumeration for what is considered a crime.

It really does read like a game. It’s sickening and eerie. I felt a sense of complete unreality as I read it. I kept thinking, “I am looking into the mind of a man who killed teenagers, shot them to death while dressed up in a uniform, while playing a role.” Bat Ye’or’s conspiracy theory and Fjordman’s violent rhetoric and misogyny blended together with Breivik’s own neuroses and a possible personality disorder and the end result was a detailed game of murder with the roles of game master and player both assigned to one man.

These traitors Breivik discusses can be accused and found guilty for permitting Muslims to murder, rape and assault Europeans, commit financial crimes and property crimes like arson. Aiding any Muslim cause is grounds for treason. But so is brainwashing the native Europeans. From page 777:

Contributing to systematical ideological coercing and brainwashing (also known as thought reform or re-education) of the indigenous peoples of Western Europe in the attempt to modify people’s social and political philosophy and instilling certain attitudes. These indoctrination efforts are aimed towards all Europeans in order to form certain beliefs in a person with the aim of affecting individual value systems and subsequent thought-patterns and behaviours. This has been done by designing multiculturalist school curriculums with the intention of indoctrinating all individuals. Falsified and biased representations, falsified or biased statistics, falsified or biased sources, biased/unbalanced coverage and labelling certain opponents/groups as bigots/racists/Nazis is common. Furthermore, propaganda, direct or indirect manipulation and other forms of trickery is prevalent with the intention of creating a foundation for a new society based on multiculturalism and emotionalism/extreme egalitarianism. Other motives include the goal of limiting opposition/resistance towards mass-Muslim immigration/Islamic demographic warfare.

Of course, the Knights Templar will be determining what facts are correct and unbiased, but there is no Knights Templars so it is just Breivik, setting himself up as judge, jury and executioner, arbiter of what is true, what is factual and what is balanced. He is the King of his game.

Breivik describes the victims of the crimes

Breivik outlines the many crimes of cultural Marxists that require redress,crimes against the conservative victims he seeks to save in Europe. From page 778, emphasis in original:

The following institutions, norms, principles, and traditions have been systematically criticised/ ridiculed/ opposed/ undermined/ weakened/ partly dismantled:
The cultural Marxist/multiculturalist aim is to destroy all ties to history, culture, family,community, and one’s people as a whole:
· Traditional family structure (the nuclear family) through glorifying non-marital relationships, emphasis on sex education from young age, casual sex etc.
· European national states and national borders
· European/national cultural heritage and traditions
· European Christian traditions
· The Church’s influence in society (social and political influence). Conservative Church leaders are undermined/ridiculed/silenced.
· Discipline and disciplinary measures in educational institutions, at home and in society in general (by opposing/criticising/disallowing mental and physical disciplinary measures)
· The political mechanisms based on rationality and logic (death penalty, strict sentencing)
· The police/military role and influence in society by limiting their influence and rights (law and order)
· Men’s right to equal child care/custody.
· Conservative organisations or individuals opposing mass-Muslim immigration and/or multiculturalism/feminism/extreme egalitarianism/emotionalism are systematically criticised, undermined, silenced, ridiculed and labelled as bigots/racists/Nazis/fascists. Examples are Christian newspapers/magazines and other cultural conservative publications who are being discriminated against through various means.

And this is just part of the crimes he feels have been committed by the cultural Marxists. He goes on to discuss in depth all of the crimes he felt were committed against conservative ideals  in the liberal media coverage of  ecological issues (like touting zero population while refusing to call for third world contraceptive usage), the Iraq War, the Balkan War, Southern Thailand, Russophobic coverage of Chechnya, and many others, as well as failure to cover topics he deems of importance, like what he considers the ongoing Muslim jihad against the West. Just the media failures of the cultural Marxists take up three pages. His obsession with what he thinks is a dystopia shows that Breivik’s motives transcend simply wanting to make sure Europe is Muslim and Marxist-free. He has micromanaged his revolution down to the last fussy detail of what is a crime and what is not a crime and what portion of his utopia was affected. This is not The Declaration of the Rights of Man as filtered through a Norwegian Nationalist. It is a childish attempt to control every detail of a fantasy world wherein all of Breivik’s opposition are silenced and killed. Any idea acted out against his solo campaign of terror must be crushed. Again, he is the master of his own game.

Breivik’s description of the traitors and what is to be done about them

What to do about them? Well, execute them, of course, but Breivik has classes of traitors, some more traitorous than others. He says on page 805 with this utterly strange statement:

How shall we differentiate between hardcore Marxists, cultural Marxists, suicidal humanists/career cynicists and the capitalist globalists? The common factor here is that they all believe they are doing the right thing, so they all have good intentions, at least according to themselves. But this can also be said about Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot. They
were all idealists in their own twisted way. Regardless of their twisted intentions they are all mass murderers and must be treated as such.

The only thing that separates Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot with today’s cultural Marxists, suicidal humanists, career cynicists and capitalist globalists (multiculturalists) is that the tyrants of today are all directly responsible for the extermination of THEIR OWN people and intend to sell the rest into Islamic slavery. Never in the history of man has an ideology revolved around the concept of exterminating its own people. As such, multiculturalism is truly unique in human history.

Yes, this is Breivik taking to task multiculturalists for killing their own people via their immigration policies. This is instructive for setting the terms for whom he will mark as a traitor, but it also is interesting that he, a man who killed his own people, is seemingly unaware that he is also a mass murderer who slayed his own in the pursuit of a demented goal.

He gives an estimate of how the enemy numbers break down, with no explanation of how he got there, but as game master, does he really need to justify himself? From page 805-806:

– Hardcore Marxists: 10% (hateful intentions)
– Cultural Marxists: 20% (semi hateful intentions)
– Suicidal Humanists/career cynicists: 65% (suicidally naive/egotistical)
– Capitalist globalists: 5% (greed)
100% of the above support and propagate multiculturalism.

So just to make sure we all are on the same page, he considers moderate and fervent Marxists, humanists, and globalist capitalists to be European traitors.  He also lists by country the political parties he feels should be targets in all EU countries, mostly those that he thinks have supported multiculturalism. It’s a long list.

Finally, he discusses the classification system for determining traitors.   I think this is important to reproduce just in the interests of conveying the information but also because by his own classification system, he killed innocent people. From page 930:

Category A traitor
– Political leaders (NGO leaders included)
– Media leaders (chief editors)
– Cultural leaders
– Industry leaders

Category A traitors are usually any current Heads of State, ministers/senators, directors and leaders of certain organisations/boards etc. who are guilty of charges 1-8. Category A traitors consist of the most influential and highest profile traitors.
10 per 1 million citizens.
Punishment: death penalty and expropriation of property/funds

From page 930-931:

Category B traitors are cultural Marxist/multiculturalist politicians, primarily from the alliance of European political parties known as ”the MA 100” (parties who support multiculturalism) and EU parliamentarians. They can be elected and non-elected parliamentarians, their advisors and any public and/or corporate servant who has been and still are indirectly or directly implicated in committing the following acts.

Category B traitors can also be individuals from various professional groups (but not limited to): journalists, editors, teachers, lecturers, university professors, various school/university board members, publicists, radio commentators, writers of fiction, cartoonists, and artists/celebrities etc. They can also be individuals from other professional groups such as: technicians, scientists, doctors and even Church leaders. In addition, individuals (investors etc) who have directly or indirectly funded related activities. It’s important to note that the stereotypical ”socialists”, collectivists, feminists, gay and disability activists, animal rights activists, environmentalists etc are to be considered on an individual basis only. Not everyone who are associated with one of these groups or movements is to be considered as a cultural Marxist/multiculturalist.

Former category A traitors; Heads of State, Ministers/Senators etc., directors and leaders of certain organisations/boards etc. can be re-classified as category B traitors for practical targeting reasons (they have lost influence and will not yield the same target value/effect as current category A traitors).

Certain ANTIFA leaders or organisers related to ANTIFA movements (and other dedicated members) are considered category B traitors. Non-essential members are considered category C traitors. Many professionals such as f. example journalists, influential sociologists or university professors etc. are considered and categorized as category B traitors as we consider them political activists and not merely professionals. They will of course claim ignorance and state that they are a-political. This strategy might work for them until the day where they are visited by a Justiciar Knight – their judge, jury and executioner.
1000 per 1 million citizens.
Punishment: death penalty and expropriation of property/funds. Punishment can be reduced under certain circumstances.

Yeah, that’s a lot of detail, and again, it reads like a gaming manual. On one hand, this manifesto is both a disorganized mess and a creepy look at a control-freak who has to nail down every element of his fantasy murder league.

On page 931, emphasis in original:

Category C traitor
Category C traitors are less influential and lower priority targets (often individuals who have facilitated category A and B traitors) but who are still guilty of charges 1-8.
10 000 per 1 million citizens.

Punishment: fines, incarceration, expropriation (considered as acceptable indirect casualties in larger operations where WMDs are involved).

Category D individuals
Category D individuals have little or no political influence but are facilitating category B and C traitors and/or MA100 political parties/media companies through various means. They are not guilty of charges 1-8 but work with or for individuals who are. The classification is of relevance when calculating/estimating indirect casualties concerning
larger operations where WMDs are involved, as any category D individuals is not considered an innocent “civilian” but rather as a secondary servant/facilitator.
20 000-30 000 per 1 million citizens
Punishment: none (not considered civilian)

I know it is sheer folly to discuss this as if it is a rational document but nowhere in there is a mention of high school students or college students. I also know the Prime Minister was supposed to be on the island that day and was a target for Breivik but even if one can consider students Class C traitors, they are only to be killed as collateral damage in WMD attacks, like when car bombs are deployed. By his own criteria he has violated the code of the Knights Templar. I think this is important because as much as he talks about smoke screens in this manifesto, the biggest smoke screen I think is the manifesto itself, offering so many details to cloud the truths. I will discuss this in depth in Part Four but I have to say killers are seldom as cut and dried as they are in the movies – I think several motives compelled Breivik and his choice of victims shows a lot about those motives.

One last very creepy detail from his discussion on killing traitors, from page 933:

Being a Justiciar Knight will involve killing our targets, or any system protector trying to stop us, indiscriminately. You will face women in battle and they will not hesitate to kill you. To them, you are just another armed criminal nut case as they will not know your true political agenda until after you have been slain or are apprehended. If you hesitate as much as a second due to the fact that your opponent is female you will fail. You must therefore embrace and familiarise yourself with the concept of killing women, even very attractive women.

It is not a secret that the average cultural conservative is a lot more chivalrous than the average person. After all, extreme feminism is a Marxist concept. As such, anti-Marxists usually have more traditional values and have been taught to revere women as they are the ones who will carry our offspring, the next generations. While being chivalrous is a good thing in ordinary day-to-day life, it will undoubtfully be fatal in any armed confrontation.

See, he’s suffering in this battle. As a chivalrous male, he will have to kill women. Even the pretty ones. At times I wondered if I were going a bit mad reading this. At times I could not believe the dedication to the irrational, to minutia and details that in light of all those people dying seem even more trivial.  What does it matter is a woman is lovely if you plan to shoot her unless one is an image-conscious, shallow criminal?  What a piddling human being Breivik is. What a tiny little man he reveals himself to be in his relentless need to define, to discuss and to worry every detail like a dog with a bone.

It should also be mentioned that Breivik describes how the traitors can “capitulate” to his demands. Breivik magnanimously offers these traitors a full pardon if they surrender to his Knights Templar government by January 1, 2020.

Muslim Assimilation Plan

Continuing in the vein of micromanaging every detail of his civil war, Breivik also sets out standards that Muslims can follow if they want to become Europeans. Muslims must hurry, however, as the offer to extend assimilation to them also expires on January 1, 2020. These are some onerous restrictions and seem perfectly in keeping with a man who is terrified of having different people around him. I am going to reproduce the whole thing not only because, for some reason, it disturbed me deeply imagining Breivik sitting down and coming up with this criteria, but because it also shows the level of controlling detail this man thinks is needed in order to bring about a new Europe. Beginning on page 809:

1. Convert to Christianity (Orthodox, Catholic or Protestant).
Every individual is to accept baptism, the ritual act by which one is admitted to membership of the Christian Church, as a member of the particular Church in which the baptism is administered.

Attempt of al-taqiyya (Islamic deceit) for shorter or longer periods in order to try to wait for a regime change will not be tolerated. The convert will celebrate Christian holidays and adopt mainstream Christian customs and has to attend Church at least once a year during the full duration of the assimilation period (50) before he or any member of his family is allowed to follow a purely secular lifestyle. Secular Muslims are considered fully Muslim as long as they have not converted. The reason is because even secular Muslims celebrate Islamic holidays and perform certain Islamic religious or political rituals.

By the way, the assimilation period is two generations, not to be a time length shorter than 50 years. But it shows his tolerance that as man who prefers Catholicism, he permits the Protestant Church as an option for shedding all those Muslim ways.

The following are all from page 809:

2. Name change
During the required baptism the individual is to be given a Christian/European traditional name (first, middle and last name). No Arab/Asian/Islamic name is allowed (including The 99 Names of Allah).

3. Not allowed to practice your ”mother tongue” or Arabic
It is strictly prohibited to practice the individuals ”mother tongue” – Farsi, Urdu, Arabic, Somali etc. in any way – both in writing or vocally (this applies in all areas of society – home and elsewhere). Obviously this does not apply to Muslims living in Europe who are practising a European language (Bosniaks etc.).

4. All mosques and Islamic centers will be demolished or converted
All mosques which were built for the purpose of being a mosque will be demolished. All other buildings which were previously converted will be re-converted to their former use.

5. All Islamic and/or Arab-style or equivalent buildings/artwork will be demolished or modified
All traces of Islamic culture in Europe will be eradicated, even locations considered historical.

One wonders how it is that those Muslims who are not yet fluent in a European language will be able to comply with the language restrictions. Believe me, Breivik does not offer many chances to find holes in the entirety of his instructions (which is not to say the logic, decency or honesty of them).

He’s not finished yet. It continues on page 810:

6. Attempts to celebrate Islamic holidays, exercise or portray Sharia/Islamic codes/markers is strictly prohibited
An attempt of celebrating Ramadan, Eid or any Islamic holiday is strictly prohibited. This includes all cultural related rituals, dress codes, Islamic religious or cultural circumcisions, Islamic preparation of food, the use of any Muslim flag or identification (crescent moon), religious or cultural markings.

7. Measures taken against attempts of demographic warfare
All “ex-Muslim couples” (where both parents were/are Muslims) will not be allowed to exceed a birth rate of 2. Any breach of this policy will be considered a breach of the assimilation policies.

8. Correspondence with other Muslims abroad is strictly prohibited
All forms of correspondence (electronically, telephonic etc.) with Muslims living abroad is strictly forbidden. This includes contact with Muslim family in the country you originated from.

9. All travel to Muslim countries/territories or to any country where Muslims make out more than 20% of the population is strictly prohibited

So, in order to live in Europe, Muslim families who may have been there for a couple of generations will have to give up their right to reproductive determination and agree never to see, write or speak to any friends or family from their countries of origin. Of course, this also presupposes that Breivik will be able to force Europe to cut off all trade ties with Muslim nations, but I’m sure that will be just as simple and inevitable as the rest of his ideas in this game manual manifesto.

Breivik describes the legitimacy of his actions

Amongst all his other plans, Breivik states that the military must stop any actions that support and protect Muslim immigrants and cultural Marxists. Country constitutions will be suspended, new “tribunals” selected, and new armies will be set up before new constitutions drawn up by Templars will be implemented. He explains why this is not an illegal, treasonous act in its own right on page 786:

We can say the following to those who are screaming; “fascist coup!”:

The current multiculturalist regimes of Western Europe are not at all democratic, this country is not democratic. They haven’t been democratic since the 1950s. There is no basis for democracy when all state institutions including schools/universities deliberately use advanced brainwashing techniques (as has been described thoroughly) to condition the people from resisting their own persecution and annihilation through the manifestations of cultural Marxism/multiculturalist doctrines. Furthermore, there is no basis for democracy when 99% of all journalists support and propagate multiculturalism and thus collaborate with the political elites in their quest to indoctrinate the people. There is no basis for democracy when all patriots and nationalists are ignored, ridiculed or persecuted. Factors such as these and many more have resulted in the Marxist tyranny we live under today. The political and cultural elites are deliberately selling their own people into Islamic slavery by allowing Islamic demographical warfare and by their reluctance to ensure a national indigenous fertility rate of 2,1.

There is no way to interpret the above as anything but the output from the misfiring brain of a man who believes conspiracy theory. Evidently, he was in contact with Bat Ye’or at some point because he quotes in the manifesto that she sent him some materials. As much of a connection as he has with Fjordman intellectually and emotionally, it doesn’t hurt to remember that the ravings of Bat Ye’or fuel both men’s delusional thinking (and again, delusion is not necessarily a sign anyone is insane or mentally ill).

It continues on, as he discusses the interim European governments and how they will control the borders and conduct deportations; the reparations that will be offered to people who were harmed by cultural Marxists and Muslims; grant pardons for those traitors who cooperate; remove cultural Marxism from the countries and schools; implement Nationalist policies that cover everything from improving birth rates to creating “liberal zones” so those who committed no crimes but still think too leftist for his tastes can exist but not infect the decent folk; media reform to conform to his beliefs; and instructions on how the new government will be set up. He then goes on to make demands from “the people” to enable them to practice their beliefs and religions, as if such things are not already in place throughout most of Europe.  Imploring the people to do that which they already had freedom to do somehow, in his mind, gives his revolution legitimacy.

So many strange details.  So many elements that just seem extraneous to any common way of thinking.  I suspect the reason most people could not stomach reading this, aside from its length and the fact that most decent people find it hard to read the words of a mass murderer, is because it is like reading a game you have no interest in. A game of rules so intricate only one man can play it.

And as a long aside that has nothing to do with this passage on legitimacy, one of the reasons Fjordman was so much more interesting was because as recursive as he could often be, his essays were an example of brevity and organized minimalism compared to Breivik’s sections.  Like many megalomaniacs before him, Breivik loves repeating himself and he often repeats himself in sequences that make no sense.  He sets up an outline for the discussions.  He sometimes sets up an outline of an outline. He offers four point conclusions for three paragraph sections and continues to throw in article after article to “prove” the need for his interventions hundreds of pages after he first threw in article after article to prove his case. It was maddening to reach one of those “in summary” sections and think, “Oh praise heaven, this section has ended!” only to realize that it was, in fact, not done by a long shot.

How Breivik managed to work as a “single cell”

The only dangerous part of this book, if you can ever call a book dangerous, is that Breivik does show what the super-empowered individual is capable of doing and gives an outline of what he did. From page 829:

The revolutionary method of carrying out actions is strongly and forcefully based on the knowledge and use of the following elements;
1. Financing your operation
2. Safe research and intelligence gathering
3. Acquirement of weapons, body armour and other equipment
4. Transportation (having a car/scooter available or rely on expropriation)
5. Safe storage in remote caches (The elimination of evidence)
6. Reconnaissance or exploration of the terrain
7. Study and timing of routes
8. Simulate the operation again and again (study and practice)
9. Success

It makes me wonder if some of the repetitiveness in writing and restatement of evidence was a part of his study and practice. It’s as good a theory as any.

Breivik’s section on planning an operation was actually interesting because it had a ring of truth to it. Again, people are afraid that reading this could give people ideas, it could lead to copycat murders, it could inspire madmen. I’m sure the visual media coverage of the killings would be of more worry, but even if someone read this with an eye to emulation, I can’t see them following through. The average person who loathes Islam is not going to live under the radar for years, live with his mother to save money, spend years testing out various means of mayhem, travel to meet biker gangs for guns (I honestly don’t believe that part happened), sew his armor and abuse drugs in order to kill teenagers. And more to the point, as Breivik points out in the manifesto, he easily obtained the information he used. If a person wants to blow up a city block, then kill people on an island, the information was out there to instruct Breivik, it is still out there, and if nothing else, perhaps knowing what he discusses can help ease the minds of those who are still worried that there is an anti-Islam group of single cell operatives loosely aligned under a red cross plotting to kill them. Breivik shows how easily he managed, with a patient mother, a freakishly controlling and precise nature, and a willingness to commit many acts of fraud.

On the section called “On How to Fund Your Operation” he says, on page 839:

Certain individuals will already have enough capital to fund an operation. 10 000–20 000 Euro would be sufficient for assassinations/executions of key category A or B traitors. The range of funds needed varies from 10 000 – 200 000 Euro (depending on the nature of the operation). Here are a few guidelines if you are completely broke or even indebted:

12 months of hard work (sales and marketing) would allow you to save approximately 30 000-50 000 Euro in many Western European countries. Furthermore, you will be able to apply for various credit and loan arrangements (credit cards or other long term/short term credit solutions) netting you from 20 000-100 000 Euro. This should be sufficient for any low to medium scale operation. Keep in mind that additional funds would give you more leeway and allow for more operational flexibility.

For those who are certain Breivik had to have had a financial backer, this section is important. He was broke and this is how he managed to get the funds he needed to spend a couple of years writing, researching, sewing and defrauding.

From page 839:

You can also attempt to get funding from financially privileged sympathisers in your country. Present related projects (a book project or your plan to create a youth movement related to Cultural Conservatism, anti-Jihad movement). Create a business plan. Be very clear about your non-violent means while at the same time sending the necessary signals. An alternative would be to organise a fund raiser against global Jihad (to the victims of Jihad etc). The point of this façade is to have proper justification to collect funds from sympathisers and at the same time send the correct signals (we want your financial aid to the resistance movement) without incriminating him/her/them in any way by revealing too much.

If he did have backers, he makes it clear they had no idea they were backing a mass murder. If he had any backers, he lied to get their money. And if he had backers, why would he risk constant discovery by living with his mother during much of this time he spent preparing?

I know, I am violating one of the premises I set above – believe nothing Breivik says because he is a liar. At some point, however, I had to just accept in some parts, like this, where he appears to be writing more extemporaneously than he does in previous sections, that there were likely parts where he was gloating, wherein he wanted to show how clever he was above and beyond the ideology he swallowed and his puerile worship of the Knights Templar. I think this is the place where he is being the most honest. But of course, even as we believe anything he tells us, we need to keep it in our minds that a skilled manipulator may be lying to us.

But I can also see how he put his manipulative skills to work in the following method of raising cash: credit card fraud. From page 840:

I must admit I was quite concerned when starting on this aspect of the planning phase. How can I apply for various credit cards if I have spent the last three years writing a book with no steady income whatsoever?

After some research into this issue I concluded that getting normal loans was out of the question as I did not fulfil the minimum required demands (official tax records from previous year indicating a high income, real estate etc). This would be an option for individuals who have real estate or people who can document at least a stable income. Getting credit cards seemed to be the only alternative for me and I would have to be creative as these requirements are also quite strict. I had 60 000 Euro but wanted an additional reserve credit of at least 20 000 Euro as a safety buffer. On May 2009 I started a company and transferred the first “salary to myself” and created documentation on behalf of the company supporting this. My intention was to create the necessary documentation to get at least a minimum of credit.

Rather than reproduce the methods necessary to commit credit card fraud, here’s the summary of what Breivik did: He created a foundation and “paid” himself from his own money for several months, creating a verifiable payment stream that he used to show a false income. He then applied for 16 credit cards, was denied seven but obtained nine with 26,000 Euros available to him. He then had enough credit to give him a financial buffer if he needed it.

How did he plan all of this without anyone catching on? Well, he lied and lied in a manner that would seem so embarrassing that no one would bring such shame on themselves unless it was the truth. From page 841, he presents one of the less embarrassing lies:

Present a ”credible project/alibi” to your friends, co-workers and family. Announce to your closest friends, co-workers and family that you are pursuing a ”project” that can at least partly justify your ”new pattern of activities” (isolation/travel) while in the planning phase.

F example, tell them that you have started to play World of Warcraft or any other online MMO game and that you wish to focus on this for the next months/year. This ”new project” can justify isolation and people will understand somewhat why you are not answering your phone over long periods. Tell them that you are completely hooked on the game (raiding dungeons etc). Emphasise to them that this is a dream you have had since you were a kid. If they stress you, insist and ask them to respect your decision. You will be amazed on how much you can do undetected while blaming this game. If your planning requires you to travel, say that you are visiting one of your WoW friends, or better yet, a girl from your ”guild” (who lives in another country). No further questions will be raised if you present these arguments.

He states, with some authority, that no one will ask questions,and given that he trained for his mission using such games gives this a ring of truth about it. A sinister ring, because as I have stated many times, this manifesto often felt like a gaming manual.

Play up the addictive process of gaming if need be, from page 842:

Blaming WoW is also quite strategic due to another factor. It is usually considered ”tabu” or even shameful in our society today to be hooked on an MMO. By revealing ”this secret” to your close ones you are therefore (to them at least) entrusting them with your innermost secret. Usually they will ”contribute” to keeping this secret for you which can
be very beneficial. (If people from your ”secondary” social circle ask them they will even usually ”lie” on your behalf (giving you alibi), in order to keep your MMO project a secret.

But if those nosy friends and family members won’t give up, play the final card of shame, from page 842:

Using social taboos is an extremely effective method from preventing people who know you well from digging too much or ask too many questions about your activities that weekend or that year. It is also an extremely effective method for manipulating them into protecting your cover.

In addition to being a hopeless gaming addict, what might be another taboo one could use? Also from page 842:

Say you think you are gay and are in the process of discovering your new self and that you don’t want to talk any more about this issue. Tell them that you are ashamed of it and you don’t want to talk any more about it. Make them swear to not tell anyone! (your ego is likely to take a dent unless you are secure in your own heterosexuality, because they will actually believe you are gay. However, it’s an extremely effective strategy for stopping questions and prevent people from digging in your life when you don’t want them to.

Here’s another taboo from page 842, useful for when you are traveling, and meeting a girl from your WoW guild just isn’t working as an excuse:

If you need a credible cover, when going abroad for a weekend etc. and the individuals you are trying to convince are too closely related to you to buy into any BS about a “conference cover etc); say you are going to a massage parlour or brothel abroad. Tell them that you are ashamed of it and you don’t want to talk any more about it. Make them swear to not tell anyone!

This one is especially interesting given some of the accusations he levels against his step-father, which I will discuss in Part Four.  Also, note how well his language flows in these sections where he discusses what he claims he actually did.  You see none of the slashes, none of the stilted language.  It flows like truth.

This section also contains information for the professional paranoiac as well as the man who wants to shoot children. He gives advice on how to stay off watch lists, how to avoid any sort of professional and technical monitoring. It is here that he definitely seems to be speaking from experience. The ridiculous, game-like nature of his previous writing is gone here. I won’t reproduce details, but he speaks of how one should and should not go about obtaining the materials for a WMD, which items should be bought in what sequence in order to avoid detection. He also set up a false agricultural business in order to have a cover for buying fertilizer, and to prevent further detection, he bought three tons of fertilizer used in the bombs and three tons that were not suitable for bombs.

He also discusses the ways a single cell can remain motivated. Daily checks will help the Justiciar Knight remain focused on what he has to do. From page 845:

This is a factor that a majority of resistance fighters ignore and is why a majority of novices become de-motivated after a certain period. They are not doing what is required of them due to lack of training, knowledge and eventually lose the will to fight due to lack of motivation. I do a mental check almost every day through meditation and philosophising. I simulate/meditate while I go for a walk, playing my Ipod in my neighbourhood. This consists of a daily 40 minute walk while at the same time philosophising ideologically/performing self indoctrination and the mental simulation of
the operation while listening to motivational and inspiring music.

Note the brand name reference. That will be important later. And the music he listens to on his walks? The Swedish racist singer Saga and inspiring music from video games, of course!

This is followed by a segment about purchasing weapons so one has the correct equipment and while this has a ring of truth to it, the lists of equipment, ranked by use and effectiveness, again reminds me of a gaming manual. I know I am emphasizing this to the point of harping on it, but it is important because I think it needs to be understood that even though these are the words of a killer, these are words that reek of fantasy, or at the very least a disconnection from basic reality. Not a disconnection from reality in the sense that Breivik was insane – far from it. The existence of this document effectively rules out insanity, and he himself states several times in this that he is not insane and that we should dismiss attempts to paint him as such. Let’s take his word on that, at least.

None of this is particularly interesting either, until he gets to the part where he sews his own armor. Evidently, he was forced to take sewing in school as a boy, from page 854:

It is quite ironic and even hilarious when reflecting on the fact that a skill which was intended to feminize European boys can and will in fact be used to re-implement the patriarchy by overthrowing the Western European cultural
Marxist/multiculturalist regimes.

He wasn’t able to get the armor he wanted, from page 855:

I first started my “armour research and acquisition phase” three months ago I found out the hard way
that you need special permits to buy military grade armour from EU stores. Certain vests were indeed available but not the vests I wanted. Secondly, I wanted to be very careful and avoid ordering products from my own country as my national intelligence agency can easily check and cross reference purchase orders from the limited number of vendors selling ballistic armour. Secondly, buying from US stores proved to be futile as all ballistic armour is restricted for export. The stores will simply refuse to ship to Europe as they are prohibited by US law.

So he sewed it himself, also from page 855:

I will now show you exactly how to bypass the restrictions by basically setting up your own little one man-factory with the capability of constructing a superior set of body armour which offers up to 90% frontal coverage (level IIIA to IV protection) and 60-70% backside coverage.

I will present a guide to the medium weight version (15 kg gear all included) and to the heavy weight version (30 kg gear all included), depending on strength, agility and your general physical condition and the mission specific requirement.

This section after this he discusses how he achieved a stronger physical state via the  combination of pills he calls “stacks.”  He discusses the amount of weight a soldier can carry and still be an effective killing machine. Evidently the key is not to have any comfort items, as discussed on pages 860-861, emphasis in original:

Most people have seen the movie Platoon, where the squad leader in Vietnam reached into new guy Charlie Sheen’s rucksack and dumped unnecessary equipment. Justiciar Knights need to do the same thing: performing good pre-combat inspections (PCIs). The packing list should be tailored to the mission at hand, with all the extras and “nice-tohave” items eliminated.

Determing a Justiciar Knights load is a critical task. The Knight cannot afford to carry unnecessary equipment into the battle. Every contingency cannot be covered. The primary consideration is not how much a soldier can carry, but how much he can carry without impaired combat effectiveness.

He discusses how much ammo a Justiciar Knight will need, then launches another very long discussion about ballistics armor. Very long. In much detail he explains how one can keep one’s self protected in times when bullets are flying, from head to toe, from butt to groin. In a later section he discusses all the equipment one would need, from car magnets to smoke grenades. There is a huge section in part three that will be of interest only to those who find detailed military equipment descriptions engaging.

This whole section of how he pulled off his murder spree is a litany of illegal activities, from using illegal body-enhancement drugs to smuggling guns across European borders in cars. The section on the black market gun sales in Europe was… not as convincing as other sections. He discusses how one can use the criminal and terrorist elements of Europe to get guns, and he later in his diary discusses going to Prague to meet with some Hell’s Angels but evidently the deal didn’t go well. Perhaps it is because I am an American and live in a completely different culture when it comes to guns and their acquisition but I suppose this would be a good way to purchase guns in a society where semi-automatics are not thick on the ground. But I cannot help but wonder what those Hell’s Angels thought of the pampered Breivik as he tried to purchase weapons.

He also has a breakdown on how to train one’s body and the protein ratios one needs to eat in order to be strong enough to have the stamina to kill people. That was instructive.

The experiments, or BUCKET. OF. COLD. WATER

Breivik says he spent three years working on 2083. At first I could not, for the life of me, determine how it took that long. Given how much of the content consists of reproductions of other people’s works, and given how much of this document has work that has been plagiarized, it seemed daft that he spent that long. Especially since he didn’t have a job! That is, until I found the sections about his experimentation with all kinds of very dangerous things, and the research he put into it all. He has a section on atypical weapons and biological warfare that begins on page 953.

He discusses anthrax, and given the work he puts into later efforts, I wonder if he tried to obtain anthrax spores. From 954:

Theoretically, anthrax spores can be cultivated with minimal special equipment and less than a first-year collegiate microbiological education, but in practice the procedure is difficult and dangerous. To make large amounts of an aerosol form of anthrax suitable for biological warfare requires extensive practical knowledge, training, and highly advanced equipment.

Even with a good lab (isolation chamber and harvest equipment) and a few staff workers it might take a year to come up with a product of superb quality.

I just don’t think he wanted to spend up to a year working on such a bio-weapon. (And for the record, it is not easy to obtain anthrax. I haven’t tried but I’ve read enough Richard Preston to disabuse anyone of the notion that there are flourishing anthrax markets out there.) However, he puts so much thought into how an attack could be managed, down to the letters a terrorist would send to a target before releasing spores, that he had to have given this some thought. His analysis of spore size needed to infect is chilling.

He discusses nuclear weapons and how one can use them (seizing control of a nuclear facility) versus not using them (seizing control of a nuclear facility is not going to be easy). But he also states that if obtained, the threat of nuclear weapons is stronger than actually using them. So I guess we can sleep easy knowing that.

He goes into some discussions about destroying location targets that reads like a cross between a Tom Clancy novel and the Jason Bourne movies, but then he jumps in his typical manner into a discussion of what he obtained and did in the chemistry lab he set up. On page 978, he says, matter-of-factly:

Despite what others might say; you don’t need any formal training in order to manufacture explosives. I have studied hundreds of various guides, recipes and instructions and can honestly say that it is a relatively safe venture as long as you take the necessary precautions and avoid the most volatile explosives.

Still, he recommends the following safety equipment. From page 979:

Safety equipment recommended:
· Bucket of cold water: 5 € (any kitchen store)
· Fire extinguisher: 100 € (various stores)
· Hazmat suit: F example: Lakeland DuPont HazMat Suit Tychem: 11-50 USD (Ebay). A hazmat suit with boots and hood isn’t necessarily needed for making explosives. It is however needed for handling pure nicotine and ricin. Considering how inexpensive it is, you might as well use one while creating explosives.
· 3M 6800 full face respirator with appropriate filters (choose Organic Vapor/Organic Vapor-Acid/Organic Vapor-Acid-Gas filters) depending on the chemicals you will be working with. You can buy this facemask with filters from Ebay for as low as 100 USD.

Bucket. Of. Cold. Water.  He lists the electrical equipment one would need to set up a lab, a detailed and reasonably expensive list for the unemployed revolutionary who lives with his mother, but he also spells out how he managed to get away with much of what did, from page 980:

Many individuals make the mistake of using their urban apartment as a lab. Firstly; if anyone (neighbours, friends, family) sees you wearing a respirator face mask/hazmat suit they will notify the system protectors. If they accidentally find any of your equipment they may notify the system protectors. If anyone smells chemical odors in your block they will also notify the system protectors. Don’t be an idiot and take unnecessary risks. Rent a small cottage/farm in an isolated place. If you can’t afford to, then you shouldn’t be working with explosives anyway and should consider limiting your operation to one which only requires guns.

· Rent a cottage in the rural parts of your country for this purpose. The cottage needs to
have electricity and running water. Cost: 100-500 € per month. You probably need the
place for at least 3 but up to 6 months depending on the quantity of explosives you intend
to manufacture.

· Camouflaging your lab: invest in “fog stickers” to temporarily put on all windows, or use
curtains. You may have to open 1-2 windows to ensure proper ventilation so make sure no
one can look directly in by placing panels or something else to cover the lines of sight.
Cost: 20-50 €.

Then he bounces back to more equipment one would need, and I am reproducing this list in full because I just marvel at the level of unnecessary detail this man engages in. But at least it explains how it took him three years to write this up. If he engaged in the same level of dedicated pedantry in that lab as he shows in 2083, it is a horrific surprise he ever managed to reach any conclusions. From pages 980-981:

Glass ware and other basic lab equipment
1 x Funnel, glass 70 mm: 5 €
1 x Funnel, glass 50 mm: 4 €
4 x Funnel, plastic 100 mm: 8 € (purification through coffee filter x 4)
1 x Trakt i plast PP 45 mm: 2 €
1 x Thermometer -40-+110: 4 € (for oven)
2 x Thermometer -10-+110: 4 € (20 cm long glass variant)
1 x Graduated Cylinder 500 ml: 18 € (for measuring liquids)
1 x Crystallization cup 140-400 mm: 14-50 (a lasagna glass dish is a cheaper alt)
2 x Glass Beaker 2000 ml: 47 €
2 x Glass Beaker 1000 ml: 27 €
4 x Glass Beaker 600 ml: 24 €
2 x Glass Beaker 250 ml: 12 €
1 x Beakertongs: 7 (tongs to grab boiling hot beakers)
1 x Conical Flask (Erlenmeyer Flask) 1000 ml: 14 €
1 x Conical Flask 500 ml NN (narrow neck): 8 €
1 x Conical Flask 500 ml WN (wide neck): 8 €
6 x Pharmaceutical Bottle, glass (dark brown) 200 ml: 8 € (storage of detonator charge/primary
expl. underwater)
2 x Pharmaceutical Bottle, glass (dark brown) 500 ml: 4 € (storage of primary expl)
3 x Pharmaceutical Bottle, glass (dark brown) 1000 ml: 7 € (storage of primary expl)
1 x pH-paper 0-14, 100 strips: 11 €
1 x Porcelain Dish 80 mm: 2 € (for boiling on top of conical flask)
2 x Glass rod, stirring rod 6 x 200 mm: 2 €
5 x Drop counter: 5 €
1 x Acid resistant gloves: 6 €
100 x Latex Gloves: 11 €
1 x Lab-apron: 9 €
1 x Mortar w. Pestle 100 mm: 11 €
2 x Pipette bottle, plastic 100 ml: 2 €
2 x Plastic box, storage, square 500 ml: 6 €
1 x Plastic box, storage, square 250 ml: 2 €
1 x Plastic box, storage, square 100 ml: 2 €
1 x Spoon with spatulas, 150 mm: 2 €
1 x Spatulas 21 cm: 049610 – 14 – 2 €
1 x Cleaning brush: 4 €
1 x Beaker brush 21 cm: 3 €
1 x Tube brush 400 mm: 5 €
2 x Plastic container 31 x 43 x 15: 19 € (for evaporation of liquids)
25 x Syringe and needle, 1 ml: 6 € (for injecting pure nicotine into hollow bullets)
100 x Filter paper 125-200 mm: 3 € (fits into large funnels)
1 x Single electrical cooking plate: 23 € (in case you need an extra)
Note: There was a minimum order of 10 for certain items from the supplier I selected. Therefore, I had to buy more glass beakers and conical flasks than needed. Still, I have only listed the required amount of equipment and not the surplus amount I bought. Conical flasks are often better than beakers due to the ease of using funnels etc. in them, + the liquid inside doesn’t evaporate as quickly due to the narrow neck of the conical flask.

Then Breivik goes into lots of detail about how to handle certain chemicals, how to make a detonator, and all kinds of details that I don’t want to convey in my blog. But it was very interesting to realize that the level of speculative detail he engages in – the role-playing game style of writing – was borne out in the things he physically did as well. He is a meticulous, exacting person.

I also want to add that some people think that he had to have had help building his fertilizer bomb. He utterly refutes that in this section. Moreover, Timothy McVeigh only needed help because he made a bomb so large it required a moving van to relocate it. One man could have made the bomb Breivik made. This is both a comfort and a horror as it shows he could easily have worked alone, as he says he did, but then again, it also means one person can cause this much mayhem, murder and sorrow.

I will conclude this section with this quote from 989:


All caps, in red in original. I really would like to know if he learned this information the hard way.

So here you are.  A very long, and not particularly interesting in my view,  synopsis of a painfully long combo of a game manual, how-to-book and compendium of interminable lists.  It shows a lot about the man who wrote if you are willing to slog through it.  While it’s difficult to tell what is true and what is a lie, what is cribbed and what is original, I think Breivik shows himself clearly at times.  What he shows is a man in a fantasy game, a pedant dedicated to meaningless detail, a fussy control freak and a remorseless murderer.  Please be sure to come back early next week as I will post my final analysis of what Breivik showed of himself in his writing.  That will include my armchair psychoanalysis, a look at his puritanical and punitive misogyny, his petulance and the overall confounding nature of his strange and often blank personality.  Part Four will be when I discuss Breivik’s diary and faux-interview, as well. If you’ve managed to read this far, I appreciate it.  Thank you to all the readers who have been following my analysis.

63 thoughts on “2083 by Anders Behring Breivik, Part 3: Breivik

  1. I am reading and have a quick comment. You say:

    “I also know the Prime Minister was supposed to be on the island that day”

    It was not the Prime Minister, Jens Stoltenberg, who was supposed to be there that day. It was Norways first female Prime Minister, Gro Harlem Brundtland. People think that was significant, because he had made hateful remarks about her in debate forums. We call her Mother of the land (she was Prime minister for a long time), he called her Murderer of the land. Marie Simonsen, political editor of Dagbladet (a Norwegian paper) said today in a comment (my translation):

    It has been claimed that Breivik meant to harm Gro Harlem Brundtland, because she was responsible for Norwegian immagration policy. It strikes me, after reading his texts that a more likely motive is Gros more known role; as the first lady of equal rights.

    1. This is very interesting. Thanks for sharing this. I think part four is going to have to deviate just from the text because knowing he was probably gunning for a woman that Norwegian’s call “Mother” puts a whole new spin on things.

      1. Gro Harlem Brundtland left Utøya at 15:30-16:00. He could have made it there before that, if not for the fact that there was a traffic accident in Oslo which delayed him. He arrived at Utøya at 17:00.

        We don’t know if he had planned it because she was there, but it might not be a coincidence that it was that day. The day before the Minister for foreign affairs was there, he’s a more prominent figure you would think. The Prime Minister was supposed to be there the day after – which would not have been a likely day since that was a Saturday, and there would not have been anyone at work in the government offices.

        1. Ok, this article claims that he was indeed planning to be there when she was.

          “Anders Behring Breivik has said in interrogation that he planned to come to Utøya while Gro Harlem Brundtland was there.”

          It’s another paper, Aftenposten, who first claimed they had this from sources. The investigation has been leaking to a surprising degree, so the source may be right.

          Sorry to “spam” you on this, but I think it might be important.

  2. If someone asked me where I thought ABB bought his guns, I would have said Czech Republic. They have relatively more lenient gun laws compared to some of their neighbors and there is quite the weapons/money laundering cycle happening in that country unfortunately. I am just disappointed he tried to buy through the Hell’s Angels and not the Russian gangsters, because it would have been a great benefit if they had iced him before all this got too far along.

    1. See, naive and mildly ignorant American that I am, I was thinking Kosovo or one of the former Balkan nations. Or maybe Russia. But also just don’t think the Hell’s Angels would have taken well to Anders.

      1. Not to geek up the place but what weapons did hans use? Google is a mess going from ruger-14 to barrett . I always assumed that he used a bolt action hunting rifle ,or a shotgun . Why bother planning meetings with angels or mobsters when you can get a hunting license.
        Anita the Texan is probably laughing her glasses off with our euro sensibilities to guns, Even here in Rromania there was a huge scandal(scapegoats included) when 20 ak’
        disappeared from an army warehouse. I think things are much different in the former soviet states..maybe Bulgaria where a man said that I looked like a guy who needed a handgun(turns up it was the name of his niece..weird)
        WTF is up with those price on the beaker and glass ware .. you can find much better deals on Amazon(please use Anita’s referral link..it helps keep IROB going)
        Again why mess around when you as a Scandinavian can casually go to Sankt Petersburg,visit the Ermitage,take in the culture,get drunk on the cheap and pick up an ak on the way home. Or better yet..why spend 30000 euros on killing teens that might someday ontribute to eurabia when with the low low price of 300 you can become one of those modernist chefs: http://amzn.to/nQwxWr He certainly has the talent and the beakers

        ps:steroids don’t make you fat,mostly they can give a 30+ male an edge in regards to strength,muscle gains,recovery time..with lovely side effects btw..He may have taken growth hormone which body builders use.. that’s why they look like freaks and not like Frank Zane ;Let’s not excuse his actions via roid rage..Unless he is Paul Teuteul Ocd-ing about spanner arrangements

        1. I believe he used a Ruger mini 14.

          I’m just amazed he decided to record all the items he bought. That is a level of anal-ness that is… shocking in a way. Hi, I bought all these beakers before I killed a bunch of people, as you do.

          For some reason, “Hans” experienced water bloat on his steroids. From page 878:

          Miscalculation 1: After testing; I have concluded that DBOL can be counterproductive to use for battle. The reason is that up to 50% of your weight gain is water/liquid retention which does little for your strength and agility and only adds more weight for you to “carry”. This can be countered by switching DBOL as the primary steroid with f example
          testosterone propionate (test prop) as you will only get a fraction of the water retention with the latter. Alternatively, you may use Aromasin in combination with DBOL to suppress the “bloat” (water retention). This will ensure that 80%+ of your gains are muscles with minimal water retention. You can further reduce the “water-gain” by limiting sodium (salt) and carb intake. Another option is to use DBOL for the first 3 weeks and Winstrol for the last 3 weeks in order to get rid of the water while still keeping your muscle gains. There are tens of various combinations out there with multiple brands and types of steroids. Just find an option that suits you. The important thing, after all, is to biologically enhance your physique in order to ensure that you have the optimal chances
          to succeed in the operation.

          He didn’t get rid of the bloat, as his uniform pics prove. I have to imagine that had to have grated on him, given how image conscious he was.

          Also, one of the reasons I am a bloated cow is because of steroids – Prednisone. A single course to push the Sweet’s back into submission is enough to make me look like a water-filled skin monster. Just sharing.

  3. Isn’t it a bit weird that Breivik, with his narcissistic personality, thinks that he has to be on drugs to make himself kill a person? Not saying it’s unlikely, but it does strengthen the helper-theory in my opinion.

    1. I don’t think I worded that well, Lars. It reads like I am saying he took the drugs to steel himself up mentally to kill teenagers because otherwise he would not have been able to bring himself to do it.

      Rather, he took performance enhancing drugs so he would have the stamina to do all he needed to do during his rampage. Since it’s down here in the comments, I’ll discuss it – his “stacks” consisted of ephedrine and caffeine pills to make him more alert and increase reaction time. He took anabolic steroids to increase his physical strength – that’s why he looked so much more bloated in those final pictures where he was dressed up in uniforms. He had been taking steroids and was artificially beefed up.

      All of that is fitting with a narcissist, and I’ll go into depth about my narcissist theories more in Part 4, but I think it is worth mentioning again that he spelled out explicitly how he did this alone, as a “single cell.” If he had any help, it was financial help via an Islamophobe who did not know he or she was financing a mass murder, and given that he spelled out exactly how he had enough money to finance the research and the rampage, I think that is unlikely, too.

      But as I say several times in the course of this that I have been wrong before. Time and lots of police work will hopefully give us all a definitive answer one way or another.

      Thanks for reading and commenting, Lars. I appreciate it.

  4. Just a couple of thoughts on his narcissism. I suppose that what you are commenting on is “2083”, but the first bit of ABB’s writing that came out, was a series of postings he had made in Norwegian on a Norwegian radical right-wing site (document.no). The site acted quickly and collected all ABB’s posts into a single document and posted it on their site on the morning of 23 July, while (in all fairness to them) emphasizing how they disavowed ABB. His postings there are quite numerous and include a lot of run-of-the-mill anti-moslem rhetoric. But two things stood out: First, he claimed to have made “his first couple of millions” (1 mill Norwegian Kroner is about 200.000 USD) in his early twenties, and said he was now living on that money while he spent all his time putting together a “compendium” on islam and immigration issues. His claim to be, or ever having been, a millionaire has later been revealed as totally false. Second, he spent some time arguing for the creation of a right wing news paper or weekly journal in Norway to compensate for the perceived left wing bias of the “mainstream media”. He claimed to be able to help raising money for this and to be able to put various “important” people in touch with other in order to make this project happen. If my memory serves me, the editor of “document.no” later said he soon found out that ABB couldn’t deliver on any of this, and so dismissed his plans. To summarize: His online persona does not seem to have matched his real life.

    Just some points that struck me while reading this. Thank you for you working in analyzing this – I know there are those who feel it should be ignored, but I think more knowledge about these kinds of monstrous thoughts is not a bad thing.

    1. You write that “his online persona does not seem to have matched his real life.” Surely that is true of just about everyone on the Internet. Faint condemnation of the Norwegian indeed.

      1. Yes, yes, yes, in the grand scheme of things, having an online presence inconsistent with one’s real life is faint condemnation but when that person with the inconsistent personae killed 77 people, it’s worth discussing, and interesting at the very least.

        Do you love reading here because my online persona is consistent with my real life persona? Confess!

        1. The more I learn about Breivik, the more normal he seems. So he stretched the truth about himself online – who (except Our Lady of Odd Books) doesn’t make up a couple things on the Internet? So he bought a few guns – what sensible person doesn’t carry a weapon in this day & age? So he had a faint tendency toward narcissism – better than having a self-esteem problem like a typical liberal. If I have one criticism of the Norwegian gentleman, he was a bit too hurried. As Western countries become increasingly afflicted by third-world vermin, you will be seeing a lot more Breiviks. And a lot more successful Breiviks. And Breiviks that are far more supported by the victimized locals.

          The do-gooders, however, will remain just a clueless as ever. The multiculturalists will never come to realize that they are committing ethnic suicide.

          1. Actually, I’m pretty sure the victimized locals are the ones who buried their children.

            He doesn’t have a faint tendency towards narcissism. He has a lovely mix of sociopathy and narcissistic personality disorder. He’s far from normal.

            EG, he killed 77 people. Would you, as a Nationalist (in America, of all places) kill 77 gringos? Would you consider that normal behavior even if you consider those from the developing world vermin? Would you really kill 77 of your own people in an exercise of your normalcy?

            The answer, of course, is no. There is no Devil’s Advocate for this one no matter how far you want to take this adversarial position.

            So he bought a few guns… That he used to shoot teenaged countrymen. So he was a bit too hurried… He could have killed more teenaged countrymen if he had paced himself.

            You’re reaching, dear EG. Breivik is a bizarre man who cloaked a really bad case of Walter Mitty-dom in a Nationalist fury against Islam. He’s not anyone you want to align yourself with intellectually even in jest unless you, yourself, are a strange man with mommy issues who killed kids as a revenge against the world that you felt cheated you. He doesn’t even have the relatively straightforward motives of a Tim McVeigh. ABB is a psychological mess of delusion, self-aggrandizement to cover his puny ego, puerile worship of a chivalric past and an ability to engage in dehumanizing brutality. Not good ideology there, EG.

          2. I think that you are missing the point. None of this, none of this, none of this would have happened if the third-world parasites were kept out Western nations in the first place. Was it wrong for Breivik to kill 77 Norwegian citizens? Of course. Few people would say otherwise.

            I don’t know the statistics, but I would wager that immigrants victimized more than 77 Norwegian citizens: who cries for Whites killed by the immigrants? What possible benefit did Norwegians ever receive from allowing those Muslims into the country in the first place?

            Breivik’s actions are the result of tensions from third-world migration. If that immigration did not exist, those tensions would not exist.

          3. Here’s some statistics for you, Mr. Gringo:

            In 2010 29 people were killed in Norway. So the killing of 77 people in one afternoon 2,65 times the number of killings in all of 2010.

            If you compare 77 people murdered to the population of Norway, which is just below 5 million people, it is 1,54 per 100 000 people. If you scale that up the the population in the US, that would be 4 774 people killed in one afternoon.

            The US has a murder rate of 5 per 100 000 for your comparrison.

            So who killed the 29 people in Norway in 2010? There were 31 people behind the 29 killings.

            1 is still unknown
            22 were Norwegian males
            4 were Norwegian females
            4 were foreign nationals, and they were from France, Sweden, Burma and Somalia

            Most of the people killed were killed by someone they knew. I think it is safe to say that if you should be afraid of people in Norway, it’s Norwegians you should be afraid of.

          4. With the numbers you have provided, it would mean that foreigners committed 13.3% of all murders in Norway in 2010.

          5. Indeed. And 13,3% of the victimes were foreign nationals as well.

            Not sure how familiar you are in the topic of geography, but Sweden is next door, and France is definately European. Burma is not a muslim country, last time I checked. That leaves the one killer from Somalia. He killed his somali wife.

            In fact, most killings are not random and done to strangers, they are within the circle of family and friends. Often the victims are ex-wives, for instance.

          6. Obliged to you.

            Then perhaps you might be able to answer the one question that puzzles me in all this discussion. A question, incidentally, not meant to be argumentative, but a question that completely baffles me. You seem to support multiculturalism, so could you be so good as to tell me how you as a Norwegian have PERSONALLY benefitted from diversity.

          7. How we have benefited from cultural diversity in Norway? Well, to begin with the influx of immigrant workers in the 1970s provided much needed work-force in industry and such. Secondly, they revived the corner-shop idea, freeing us from the mono-cultural shopping malls. Third, they introduced cuisine to Norway. 4th, at the moment, the daughters of muslims are over-represented in medical and law studies. Hmm, what more? Lots of health-workers, lots of taxi-drivers, lots of beautiful children in many interesting colours and hues. Enough for you?

          8. Regarding the old line that “multiculturalism is to blame”. This is plainly wrong. Fascism with all its atrocities managed to develop perfectly well in the Europe of the 1920s and 1930s even in the absence of third-world migration. Immigration does not cause right-wing extremism. It’s just a cause for right-wing extremists to latch on to. This should be quote obvious from “2083”. Even after the last Muslim had been deported, ABB would still have had to deal with the vast majority of us who don’t want the militaristic, misogynistic, isolationist dictatorship that he longed for. As a white, heterosexual, Norwegian male, I can think of no worse nightmare than to live in a Europe like the one that ABB saw as Utopia.

          9. “Third world vermin”, sir? Well, fuck you too. Many of the killed children were 3 generation immigrants to our country, participating in the political process and helping to build our country. You just crossed the line into disgusting racism. Go away. Third world vermin are fighting and dying side by side with NATO soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq as we speak.

      2. Hm. It wasn’t really intended as condemnation, just an observation. The Internet isn’t large enough to hold all my condemnation of ABB.

        1. Save some condemnation for the politicians that caused this problem in the first place. You might have a personal opinion of diversity, but can you tell when this multiculturalism was ever directly approved by the voters – rather than being imposed from on-high by the liberal ruling class?

          1. Reductio ad absurdam. When did voters or the electorate approve a man with a gun shooting their kids in order to stop the freely elected government from enacting immigration legislation.

          2. Although you might have personal reasons for supporting multiculturalism, you cannot expect to have large-scale immigration without sociological problems. Breivik is an example of what happens when a cultural body is infected by a foreign parasite. I am not saying that actions of people like Breivik are good or bad – so much as inevitable.

          3. I am sorry if I now violate some code of conduct for this site, but I feel I must tell you I feel a powerful urge to vomit after reading your recent posts. I thought the word “Evil” in your nick was somehow meant to be ironic, but I see I was wrong. You may not be aware of this, but we have democratic elections in Norway. At our last one, the parties who share your views received 0,0987 % of the vote combined. The best ever election result for such a party in Norway was in 1993, when the “Fatherland Party” received 0,47 % of the vote. The views you propagate are shared only by a tiny minority in Norway.

            I know very well who the enemies of my country are, who it is who want to destroy all the good things about the country I call home. It is not the Afghan taxi driver who took me home the other night, it is people like you. After 22 July, we all know who our enemies are, and we won’t forget you soon.

          4. He’s being virulently contrarian, in a Devil’s Advocate role. He’s generally not this bad. Please don’t be upset and you have not violated the rules of this site in any way by voicing dismay or disgust.

            EG, if you are reading this, please back off for a bit. This may be academic for you but the people who are posting this are very raw. It is similar to those who said the US deserved to have the attack on 9/11 when people were identifying the remains of their family members. I generally don’t mind your intense comments but in this case, please try to keep in mind that the people who are commenting here the most have just loved through the worst terrorist attack ever on their soil.

          5. The “third world vermin” term was across the line. I have several friends who served in the military abroad,Norway has been in Afghan with lots of mountain rangers all the way. And, the terps and the locals who work for them are equaly brave if not braver than the pros because they risk their families. And to call folks from there “vermin”, when they fight and die on our side?. Its stupidity that that wich really gets to me.

            May I coin a line? “Judging all muslims by the terrorists is like judging all women by COurtney Love.”

          6. Since my site is devoted to odd and strange ideas, unless discussions become recursive or unless anyone insults another commenter outright, I let a lot slide. But I do apologize that you had to read something that distasteful. I fancy that I “get” EG and that he is saying extremist things as an attempt to stun, but even so, I guess I have read such things so much they don’t really affect me.

            And I love Courtney Love. 🙂

    2. Interesting… I clearly am going to have to stray from the text of 2083 in my last article. Because it seems like every instinct I have where his writing is concerned is borne out by other sources. This points to both his narcissism and what I sensed was his need to be a man of influence in the Islamophobia realms, like Fjordman did.

      Thanks for sharing this information. I found the comment/post list on document.no. For English readers, here is the link Ohb is referring to: http://translate.google.com/translate?js=n&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&layout=2&eotf=1&sl=no&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.document.no%2F%3Fs%3Dander%2Bbehring%2Bbreivik

  5. Again, very interesting reading. The one point where I would disagree with you is the premise that his “organization” is a *complete* fantasy as opposed to a fantasy based on certain real issues. We know he went to Malta and met “Lionheart”, one of the founders of EDL who got squeesed out and is now running a organization with “Mad Dog” Adair, one of the killers of the Northern Ireland civil war. We know he went to White Russia several times, and we also know that the russian slavic union set up shop in Norway just one year before action. We know he had extensive mail and social media contacts, and a list og 1600 emails wich can easily be a smoke-screen for his real contacts. We know he got kicked out of the Norwegian Defense League along with many other malcontents, and we know he networked with these extremists.

    The scenario may well be that he acted alone, but got cheered on by a small group of hard-liners who we hope the police will uncover. I know the norwegian police is treating this line of speculation seriously. Its very tempting to *just* psychologize him and overlook his military precision. What you see as an endless trite repetition and listing closely resembles the language of army manuals.

    1. Martin, everyone he ever had any contact with is running in the other direction. I think it’s pretty safe to say that we cannot assume that they are all honest about their contact with him. It’s too early to rule out any accomplices entirely. Hopefully the police investigation will unveil any real accomplices.

      1. Iskwew: SIAN today more or less embraced him (except for his atrocities of course.) Pretty sharp. SUmming up the reaction to the attack, they write that the best that came out of this was the support “ABB and us other anti-islamists got from Jerusalem Post and Barry Rubin”. Its notable that Fjordman tried to hide his computer from the police investigation, and only grudgingly gave it up. There is also a “do not talk to the police” meme running in the deeper parts of the internet from what I have seen. Wich is pretty worrying, because it indicates a identification with ABB, a “he may have been over the top but he is one of ours” attitude.

    2. It will be interesting what the investigation turns up. But while he may have had a cast of Islamophobes and racists cheering him on, the thing I want to emphasize is that there is no closely knit group of Knights Templars working together to kill Norwegian citizens until Islamic immigration is stopped. The idea of the single cell is accurate because ABB did this without any financing and he did it without any comrades supporting him physically.

      I think the Paul May angle will ultimately prove to be a dead end. He had ideological ties with Breivik but like Fjordman, he too sensed that ABB was operating in a wholly different realm. I think he even refused a direct friendship on Facebook because ABB rubbed him the wrong way.

      They all feed off each other, these Nationalists, bigots and racists. And there is nothing a free, open society can do about that. But if we discuss how anyone aided or abetted ABB, I suspect that conversation will exist in a realm of online encouragement and not support in real life.

      But you never know. I can only talk about what we know now and what was in the manifesto. I think at the moment with all the shallow Facebook contacts, ABB’s e-mail trail, etc, there is much we do not know. For instance, I am bothered by Fjordman’s first response to put his computer hard drive in a locked bank box. If these groups were just engaging in free speech sanctioned discussions, however hateful they were, it is unsettling that was his first response.

      But even as I psychoanalyze him, I won’t discount the very real nature of his bigoted Islamophobia. It is important to this discussion. But I had not thought about the fact that the mindless repetition could real like militaristic language. Mr Oddbooks served in the US military and fought in a “war.” I think I need to ask him to look over some of it with me and get his opinion.

      Thanks for your thoughts, Martin. Food for thought.

      1. lol. Memo to self: Read all comments before posting.

        The real danger lies, I think, eastwards. Some of the russian groups are pretty serious, we know that slavic front has infiltrated Norway for at least a year. Wich ties in with his pro-serbia pro-Putin comments.

        1. NP, this comment was relevant to me anyway.

          I list black metal and various bands as interests in my LiveJournal and as a result get friended by some very frightening nationalists out of Russia. Some high grade virulence going on over there and it’s interesting when I compare it to the USA. Most of those in the USA who have racist and bigoted notions operate like Fjordman. Aliases, never meeting in public with other believers, going into hiding or going offline the moment they think anyone knows their name, etc. These Russian kids (and they are kids for the most part, or at least they seem very young to me) have no problem putting their faces out there, their names out there, and generally owning their hatred in a very visible, very accountable way. It’s unnerving and I think your fears of the groups in Russia have some basis, just going from what I have seen of them online.

          Of course my anecdata is only worth so much but it’s interesting to me.

          1. Those kids kill 40-50 people a year just in the west of Russia every year for political reasons, as well as performing contract hits on journalists etc. I come from the old anarchist/punk networks, and our friends in Russia stash weapons at concerts now and then within easy reach because there is a real risk of getting stormed and seriously hurt. White Russia, where ABB went, is even worse, they still have KGB. So you have a generation of feral intelligent nationalists coming out of there. Getting facillitated by the anti-jihadist extremists, who are suckers for flattery from young virile men and women. Bah.

            What did your husband say? From the news, he keeps on speaking in fantasy military jingo in questioning.

            Burzum hailed ABB as a true warrior, btw. Ouch.

          2. rofl. The sentence about your husband referred to ABB in the second paragraph. One of my best anglis constructions while quick-typing.

          3. Mr Oddbooks, who was also a role-playing gamer in his youth, is of the opinion that the manifesto can be seen through the lens of either assumption – a military manual or a game manual. He does, however, say that from what he glanced at, the bulk of it reminds him more of a RPG manual than anything he was issued when he served in the armed forces. So much of it is sort of… in a realm of unhinged fantasy that I tend to think it leans toward being more an RPG but both interpretations work, I think.

            There was a paragraph here that I decided it was best to edit out. Will send you an e-mail and ask you my followup. 🙂

  6. Mr. Gringo, in addition to what Martin said here I would say new ideas and new ways of looking at myself. I believe that no society will prosper in isolation. Because its ideas will weather and that society will not progress, it will degress.

    Just as we will, if we only see ourselves in a mirror showing those just like us. Meeting different perspectives, cultures and beliefs means developing as a person and as a society.

    The Terrorist’s utopia of a society would not be prosperous. It would weather away while looking into the mirror for answers that are not there.

    1. We can look at the historical record and find numerous examples of cultures that have prospered in isolation; what we cannot find is any example of a multi-ethnic civilization that has survived a couple decades.

      What specific quality makes a person Norwegian? I am not talking about something bureaucratic like identity papers, but I am interested in what culture elements are specifically Norwegian. It can’t be language (as many of the immigrants would not be able to speak perfect Norwegian – and even a foreigner with enough inclination could master the tongue). It can’t be a shared racial heritage (as the nation has become multicultural since World War II). It can’t be shared history (because diversity means immigrants will originate different cultures with very different histories). It can’t be religion (as we are speaking about the rise of Islam in Scandinavia). It can’t be cuisine (as fast-food can be found in all Norwegian cities). So what distinguishes a Norwegian from, say, a Swede? What one element makes a personality Norwegian?

      1. I know you aren’t asking me, but this was a question I always had with American Nationalists, some of whom are only third or fourth generation and have combined heritages from all over the world. What is it that makes an American an American other than the desire to live here and participate meaningfully in the economic, political or social systems? Who gets to say who is a natural American citizen and who isn’t? Other than rhetoric about first generation illegals stealing our jobs and welfare money spent on the poor who flee to our country for more opportunity, both ideas easily debunked, how do we define who is a legitimate American and who can become a legitimate American?

        Isn’t America a multi-ethnic civilization that survived longer than a couple of decades? Since the late 1800s we’ve been a true melting pot, as well as a salad bowl, and we’re still here. We have many problems but we are a multi-ethnic civilization that survived a century with many ethnicities, some assimilating completely within two generations, as did my Irish folk, and some taking longer, but it always happens. Little Italys and Little Chinas are generally made up of first generations whose children go on to be more assimilated and whose own children are socially identical to their peers. It happens. I just think some in Europe, unaccustomed to the two-to-three generation tendency, see first generations and immediately assume, like some Americans and their reactionary insistence that OMG Hispanics won’t assimilate, why do we have to accommodate their language, it’s the end of the world, that if assimilation does not happen immediately it will never happen.

        But we’re here, EG, and we’ve lasted longer than a couple of decades with plenty of multi-ethnicity.

        1. Our grandparents could have answered that question. Our grandparents KNEW who they were. WE may believe that we are the most sophisticated, the most multicultural, the most compassionate generation that ever existed, but we don’t know who we are. Diversity has taken that from us.

          The writer above commented that multiculturalism somehow bestowed “new ideas and new ways of looking at myself.” I submit that that is false. Multiculturalism has made it impossible to know who we are. Diversity is like going to a food court at a shopping mall and thinking that we understand Mexican food because we had a microwaved burrito. Diversity encourages superficiality which liberals take for sophistication

          That is why Breivik kept trying to go back to the Knights Templars. He wanted to know who he WAS – so that he would know who he IS.

          Now, I have been accused of being a racist, and I certainly wouldn’t deny that label. But even a racist like myself can admire something about Somalis in Somalia or Afghans in Afghanistan. They KNOW how they are. They know themselves because their nations are not diverse & sophisticated.

          1. Who is this “our,” Paleface? My grandfather would not have validated anything you typed and he was a “pure” Irishman who married a French-English girl with so much Comanche blood they called her “Squaw.” He was only too happy to give up the notion of who he “was” because clinging to old Eire would have ensured he and all his family remained in a repressive country of religious tension and intolerance and they would have remained dirt poor. He knew who he was – an American.

            This idea that unified culture and racial homogeneity is best is just an opinion and I posit that my grandfather’s opinion is just as valid as those who think the only way to derive identity is via blood, racial appearance, and tradition.

            More to the point, basing our lives on the experiences of people who were born before cars, planes, vaccinations, standardized public education, female suffrage, and the concept of universal civil rights is puerile at best. Harking back to the past for every answer to modern life limits social growth in every way possible.

            Hark back to this idea if it helps you but the opinion that racial homogeneity allows you to know who you are is not universal. Many of us like living in places that are not a monoculture and that you don’t is no signal to me that I need to accommodate you. Isn’t that one of the things that you dislike – the idea that liberals like me are forcing you to become multicultural? The fact is that people like you forced people like me to be one way for centuries. You don’t being told you can’t live in the world you want to live in exactly how you want – well, neither did generations of others who came before you and came to America so they no longer had to be who they were based on the tyranny of tradition.

            Times have changed and I’m sorry that your way of thinking is not supported by law and a lack of options anymore. Change is hard, I understand that. But we tried your way for centuries in Northern Europe and it resulted in repressive monocultures that limited human potential. Women had no rights, those who were born poor remained poor with no chance of ever advancing in life and the church controlled far too many aspects of people’s lives. For all the notion of a racial identity or the virtues of a country united by common blood or appearance, the fact is that within such a structure the individuality of the person is secondary to the structure of the whole.

            I know you think that is a good thing, that the individual should be subject to the collective. But I think it is very easy from our positions of modern comfort to say that the past was better or that our grandparents really knew best. But it is even easier to hark back to those ways when you know that as an educated white man chances are you will be at the top of the heap. Harking back isn’t so much fun when you don’t think you will be the elite. It’s such a shockingly limited idea, to think that the past has all the answers when the past could never have conceived what the present holds.

            Moreover, assigning your motives to Breivik is just bad thinking. ABB harked back to the Knights Templar not to know who he was – he was about as racially homogeneous as a person can be in the 21st century and lived in one of the most racially homogeneous countries in Europe so by your own standard he knew who he was. He harked back because he was a mentally weak little man filled with hate. He is not anyone you want to hang your philosophical hat on. He is a delusional, depraved, repulsive man who killed children because he cannot cope with the modern world. He wasn’t trying to embrace the past – he was trying to destroy the future by killing children. By all means, associate your notions of the failure of the modern world with him but were I you, I’d find a far more logical way to explain your stance than validating a mass murderer of children. 🙁

          2. To pile on, I’m reminded of Warren Ellis’ annual St. Patrick’s Day message:

            If you want to celebrate St Pat’s today, eat a raw potato, build a house out of peat and get yourself shot by an Englishman.

            Which is what your granpa was escaping, especially considering he and his family were dirty Prods.

            And guess what? If you were born in America, you’re not Irish, you’re fucking American. Deal with it.

            Amen. Nothing against Irish folks at all, but amen.

          3. This may surprise you, Mr. Gringo, but I have never been more in touch with the core of being a Norwegian than when I moved to a foreign country. I lived for a year in Brasil, and confronted with a different culture you take a long hard look at yourself and understand what it is that is essential to you. There are some things that are such an essential part of being you, and it is almost impossible to change those things. Meaning also that the core of who you are as a person or nation is not easily threatened.

            Like the US, Brasil is a truly successful cultural meltion pot. They have a respect for different ways and beliefs which was really interesting to observe. I highly recommend a year in Brasil. I know myself, and what is at my core as a Norwegian, much better after that year. It’s hard to see differences when looking into a mirror. You just see your own reflection.

            Perhaps that is why you have a hard time knowing who you are?

    1. Fascinating. Thanks Anon. Very interesting. And I will be deviating from just the manifesto in my final article and this may be helpful. Thanks again!

  7. This fairy tale about Fjordman hiding his computer won’t die. It would be laughable if it weren’t invested in so heavily by those who need to believe he would do that because he was hiding something.

    When the bomb went off in Oslo Fjordman was on skype. He remarked on the noise but didn’t know what it was. Then some jihad group claimed responsibility for it so he turned on the TV and began to tell us of the shock that terrorism had come to Oslo. Of course the bomb went off on a bank holiday, but it took a while for that to sink in.

    That “group” and its claim quickly disappeared as the messages from Utoya began. Fj was deeply upset…watching an MSM helicopter follow the butcher down the shore as he shot people close up.

    So how come their passive filming isn’t called out for what it was: aiding and abetting in the commission of a slaughter? The police couldn’t get there for 90 minutes but the MSM was *on* it while it was still happening?? Funny how that worked…

    …in the next day or so, on learning his name was in ABB’s “manifesto” Fjordman resolved to go to the police even though he knew nothing about this fellow beyond what everyone else could read in the media. He thought he remembered one attempt to contact him by someone he said “had all the sincerity of a vacuum cleaner salesman”.

    I begged him not to go to the police. He was being scapegoated intensely in the media. And just based on the long, hate-filled emails we were receiving from his fellow-citizens, I was afraid for his safety. Those ppl were/are creepy.

    When he insisted on seeing the police anyway, I begged him to do two things first: (1)to have an attorney accompany him to the police; and (2) to plan to leave immediately afterwards as he would surely be in a state of seige by people looking to make someone “pay” for this lunatic’s butchery. So, AT MY URGING, Fjordman took a suitcase with some clothing and books, and placed it in a storage locker so he could retrieve them when he left. Had I known he was leaving his computer there I would have yelled NO!, but he and the attorney didn’t think to mention it. Like many scholars, Fjordman thinks of his computer as an extension of himself.

    Both he and the lawyer thought I was overreacting to have Fjordman go to the police accompanied by legal representation. At the very least they thought it would be a waste of Fjordman’s money and the attorney’s time.

    It took the police several hours to realize who it was waiting to see them. Once they DID realize it, their attitude underwent a sharp change. As the lawyer said later, deeply disturbed, the way they treated Fjordman was “just barely legal”. After thoroughly “searching” his flat — for what? — and taking a few electronic gadgets, they asked for his computer. Fjordman explained it was in a railroad locker w/ his suitcase. He also told them why he’d put it there. So he was taken to the station, where the police took every single thing in that locker. Not only his whole computer (why not just remove the hard drive?) but the suitcase, clothing, books, etc. They’d already copied his phone card so he was permitted to keep his phone.

    That is the story. He never “hid” his computer anywhere. The police could simply have removed his hard drive if they wanted his information; but they took it all. I hope they find some signicance in a history book plus his socks and pajamas.

    The whole tawdry episode was a learning experience for that lawyer. He knows now that the treatment of his client would’ve been a lot worse had Fjordman taken his advice and gone to the police without an officer of the court to serve as his witness.

    I don’t expect to change anyone’s mind about this or about Fjordman, but I know him far better than any of you. I know what he did with his computer and I know he did it at my behest. Actually, had I known he and his lawyer were both that naive, I’d have warned him to leave the computer at home so the police could take it, as I knew they would be anxious to do. It just never occurred to me that he and his lawyer were that ignorant about police behavior.

    Thus was born the “Fjordman Hides His Computer From the Police” fairy tale. Nor do I expect to be able to change that meme. People grow to deserve whatever it is they need to believe.

    So far everything I’ve predicted to him has come about. I hope this next prediction is wrong, but somehow I don’t think Fjordman will ever get his belongings returned.

    I also know from the emails I’ve received over the years how scared many single Norwegian and Swedish women are. They have learned not to go out by themselves. The rate of rape in Sweden is huge. And it goes one way: immigrant men against Swedish women. Norway is smart: it erases the record by not ever filing these crimes by race. And lots of them are never reported because the gangs who perpetrate the multiple rapes warn the vitims what will happen to them. They’re told in exquisite detail and they’re made to repeat that these rapes are their fault because they act like whores. “All you Swedish women are whores. You deserve it. WE protect our women and use you.” Just for good measure, their faces are bloodied.

    A month or so before Black Friday, the groups in Oslo who work with these women were interviewed for American TV. Since ABB’s rampage, none of them will talk. I wonder why.

    I don’t think immigrants in Scandinavia are vermin. However, I do know they cost the governments a great deal in welfare payments, social services, and various costs associated with criminal assaults against persons and property. The immigrants are open about maintaining and expanding their no-go zones. Police don’t go into those areas unless they have to, and sometimes not even then. The plan is not assimilation; the plan is aggressive accomodation. The host country will learn to accomodate to their “guests”, not the other way ’round.

    Queen Margrethe has talked of the need to require as much from immigrants as is required of native Danes. She said until that changes, the tensions will increase…but now Kierkegaard’s memorial is disappearing into one of the zones where it will literally disappear via defacement and dismantling. Meanwhile, if the Danes get too demanding, it’s short walk over the bridge to Sweden.

    Angela Merkel is right: “multiculturalism is a failure”. However, there has been a deep investment made in MC by people who never plan to have to live among their social experiments.

    1. Hello Dymphna. Thanks for taking the time to leave this comment.

      It would be laughable if it weren’t invested in so heavily by those who need to believe he would do that because he was hiding something.
      He did have something to hide and though I believe the rest of your story, one still needs to address that Fjordman would have a reason to hide his laptop. He associates with people who do not often use their real names as they write. Maintaining the anonymity of his friends in thought is not a bad thing, but at the same time, I think it is laughable to think that Fjordman had nothing to hide.

      When the bomb went off in Oslo Fjordman was on skype. He remarked on the noise but didn’t know what it was. Then some jihad group claimed responsibility for it so he turned on the TV and began to tell us of the shock that terrorism had come to Oslo.
      He said some terribly offensive things before he knew ABB had dragged his name into this mass murder. Among them:
      “It’s an anti-Israeli, pro-Palestinian crowd of young Socialists.” What difference did the political affiliation of teenagers at a summer camp who had been shot to death have to do with anything unless he was asserting, like Pamela Geller and Debbie Schlussel, that those kids deserved to die for being Socialists?

      Just in case there is any ambiguity in the above, there is this gem:
      “Please keep in mind that the left-wing government of Jens Stoltenberg that was just bombed is the most dhimmi appeasing of all Western governments, to the extent that this is humanly possible. They even wanted to fund Hamas openly a while ago. The most suicidal and cowardly government in a country with no colonial history was just attacked. How do you explain that as a response to Western ‘aggression’?”
      Yep, he is saying that he agreed with the attacks before he understood the real motives involved. Had it been Muslims who planned 7/22 he would not have backed down.

      Perhaps that is what you mean when you say he was relating his “shock.” Sounds like he was gloating to me. And it is his right to gloat if he wants but repainting it as something other than what it was is disingenuous, to be generous.

      Fj was deeply upset…watching an MSM helicopter follow the butcher down the shore as he shot people close up.

      So how come their passive filming isn’t called out for what it was: aiding and abetting in the commission of a slaughter? The police couldn’t get there for 90 minutes but the MSM was *on* it while it was still happening?? Funny how that worked…
      One, I don’t believe he was deeply upset until he knew his name was in that manifesto and if he was deeply upset, then he could have turned off the television and listened to radio accounts if the MSM coverage was so shattering to him.

      Are you seriously trying to make the case that upsetting footage being recorded is aiding and abetting a crime? The media is not responsible for the Norwegian police failure to arrive on the scene in a timely manner. But seriously, do your best to make the case that the most horrific event in Norway’s modern memory should not have had media coverage because the police could not get there first. If MSM had not gotten footage of what happened, that ABB appeared to have been the only attacker on the island, the number of bodies, and similar, such information would have been denied an already delayed and overwhelmed response team. Either way, I am sure those in your position could condemn the news services.

      And I know what you are saying here but the subtext seems to be that if Fjordman gets punished for saying nasty things, then the media should be punished for recording nasty things. Logically, this is almost silly.

      …in the next day or so, on learning his name was in ABB’s “manifesto” Fjordman resolved to go to the police even though he knew nothing about this fellow beyond what everyone else could read in the media. He thought he remembered one attempt to contact him by someone he said “had all the sincerity of a vacuum cleaner salesman”.
      That was actually a very good idea and it is a shame you talked him out of it. Others have said that ABB had something… missing in his demeanor. I believe Paul May made a similar comment. But coming forward, open-handed, was the right thing to do and it actually makes me feel even more pity for Fjordman that his first impulse was to be open and he was talked out of it.

      I begged him not to go to the police. He was being scapegoated intensely in the media. And just based on the long, hate-filled emails we were receiving from his fellow-citizens, I was afraid for his safety. Those ppl were/are creepy.
      A very real danger. I can imagine how confusing it was in those early days after the murders and how unsafe he probably was in the event anyone’s anger spilled over onto him.

      When he insisted on seeing the police anyway, I begged him to do two things first: (1)to have an attorney accompany him to the police; and (2) to plan to leave immediately afterwards as he would surely be in a state of seige by people looking to make someone “pay” for this lunatic’s butchery. So, AT MY URGING, Fjordman took a suitcase with some clothing and books, and placed it in a storage locker so he could retrieve them when he left. Had I known he was leaving his computer there I would have yelled NO!, but he and the attorney didn’t think to mention it. Like many scholars, Fjordman thinks of his computer as an extension of himself.
      ABB wasn’t a lunatic. He is a man with a personality disorder who was deeply affected by Fjordman’s rhetoric and the rhetoric of others. He is a monster but he is not a lunatic and he is not insane, though he may be sane in a manner most of us find lunatic.

      This story about the computer is very interesting and I commend you for telling it. I believe you that he may not have intended to give the appearance of hiding his computer. But even if he did hide it, I don’t think that was sinister. I think it was a natural reaction of a man who wanted to save his friends from having intense police scrutiny. Either way, I never paid much attention to him hiding or temporarily storing his computer. I genuinely believe Fjordman influenced ABB but he had no direct role in any of this so anything he did with his computer is largely irrelevant.

      Once they DID realize it, their attitude underwent a sharp change. As the lawyer said later, deeply disturbed, the way they treated Fjordman was “just barely legal”. After thoroughly “searching” his flat — for what? — and taking a few electronic gadgets, they asked for his computer.
      I can’t really sympathize with Fjordman here. Barely legal is still legal and he had a lawyer there who could have put a stop to it had it been that egregious. Moreover, immediately after the attacks, the manifesto with a title that referred back to Fjordman’s articles, as well as containing most of his articles, had surfaced. The police had to examine his life thoroughly to exclude him as a suspect.

      Look at the situation from this perspective. A camp of right-wing, politically conservative Zionists is shot up. A man who has made his name (or pseudonym) by insisting that Zionism is killing Norway and that it must be stopped, at times using words that under the most basic investigation have violent implications, is mentioned repeatedly in a manifesto. Had the police taken this hypothetical man at his word that even though his words were all over the manifesto left by a killer and just walked away saying, “Well, he says he had nothing to do with it so why search his home!” would you think that was sufficient. Or would you demand a better investigation?

      I don’t expect to change anyone’s mind about this or about Fjordman, but I know him far better than any of you. I know what he did with his computer and I know he did it at my behest. Actually, had I known he and his lawyer were both that naive, I’d have warned him to leave the computer at home so the police could take it, as I knew they would be anxious to do. It just never occurred to me that he and his lawyer were that ignorant about police behavior.
      I believe you. I’m just letting you know that it largely never mattered to me. Perhaps this will be of help to those who do think it matters.

      I also know from the emails I’ve received over the years how scared many single Norwegian and Swedish women are. They have learned not to go out by themselves. The rate of rape in Sweden is huge. And it goes one way: immigrant men against Swedish women. Norway is smart: it erases the record by not ever filing these crimes by race. And lots of them are never reported because the gangs who perpetrate the multiple rapes warn the vitims what will happen to them. They’re told in exquisite detail and they’re made to repeat that these rapes are their fault because they act like whores. “All you Swedish women are whores. You deserve it. WE protect our women and use you.” Just for good measure, their faces are bloodied.
      I can’t speak to any of this because I don’t know the rape statistics in Sweden and I don’t know the statistical belief of how often the crimes are not reported. I think there are some definite problems of how crimes against women are handled all over the world. Naomi Wolf wrote about how rapes in Sweden are often mishandled and therefore are never prosecuted. It is a problem. Crimes against women are a problem, and given your friendship with Fjordman, I am surprised you have this strong stance against the rape of women. Fjordman’s rape apology was shocking and I applaud you for wanting to address the injustices women face. I hope you also focus your outreach on rape in general, and not just that committed by Muslims.

      A month or so before Black Friday, the groups in Oslo who work with these women were interviewed for American TV. Since ABB’s rampage, none of them will talk. I wonder why.
      I am sorry ABB’s rampage muddied the waters. I hope the faith of the victims in the system to help them is restored somehow.

      I’m skipping the rest of your reply because I too have received so many creepy and strange e-mails and am tired of responding to the same old arguments. What you say about Muslims in Europe is what they said about Jews in Germany in the 1930s and what they said about the Irish in America in the 1880s and what they are saying about Mexicans in America right now. Same song, different verse. I can no more convince you this is nonsense than you can convince me it isn’t so why bother. But the last paragraph I will respond to.

      Angela Merkel is right: “multiculturalism is a failure”. However, there has been a deep investment made in MC by people who never plan to have to live among their social experiments.
      It’s always interesting to see this assertion made, especially in countries that are massively racially homogeneous with racial diversity split up among so many ethnicities that even within their own minorities they are even more so minorities.

      I live in a multicultural place and it is not a failure. My multicultural nation has been multicultural much longer than Merkel’s and was multicultural before Marx was even born. I live in a nation of immigrants, founded by immigrants, and we are still chugging along. We have problems, mainly in the form of a kleptocractic government that rewards corporations over citizens and commits to wars to line pockets of corrupt politicians, but we are far from a failure. Problems do not equal failure and monocultures have their own problems. Laying the blame for a society’s inability to cope with change at the foot of immigration is short-sighted and often based in bigotry, race hate and a childish refusal to admit the world is not exactly the way we want it so we are going to tantrum, refuse to change and blame our own limitations on others.

      So you and Merkel can cling to this idea and the rest of us will move on as you insist the world is wrong for not believing as you do. As I told another commenter above, we did it your way for centuries and it resulted in monocultures that were so heavily striated by class that the only way people could have any freedom was to leave. Let’s give my way a little longer before we call it a failure.

      I do appreciate your comment, even though we rabidly disagree on the issue of multiculturalism. I welcome you to reply but given that I have endeavored through most of this to stick to the text of 2083, any further comments that deviate from the manifesto may not have this depth of a response. Even so, your point of view is welcome.

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