Comment Policy

1)  Use language of civility. I will enforce this as needed.

2)  Do not refer to human beings as “sheep.”  Do not ever use the word “sheeple” on this site.  If the only response you have to an idea you dislike is to tell the person he or she has been brainwashed, you don’t need to be discussing anything on my site.  Don’t invoke koolaid or the drinking of it.

3)  Do not curse at other people who may comment here. Don’t curse at me, either.  Profanity happens but it should never happen as we address each other.

4)   Engage in good faith. If you can’t be bothered to explain yourself as you condemn my research or the research of others, don’t comment.

5) If you are going to attack my integrity or the integrity of anyone who comments here, you best have actual data to back up your claims or I will edit your comment in a manner amusing to me and I may ban you on first offense.

6)  Don’t evade bans.  You get caught and look desperate.

7) Trolls, whom I define liberally because it’s my site and I can, will be dealt with however I feel like dealing with them when I discover them.

8)  If your comment has no content other than gloating or insult, go away.  I’ll just edit it or ban you so why waste my time and your own?

Enforcement and consequences are subject to my mercurial nature but pretty much if you don’t act like a jerk, even if you argue endlessly, I welcome your comments.