Books read 2015

1. Penpal by Dathan Auerbach

2. Unclean Jobs for Women and Girls by Alissa Nutting*

3. The Eccentropedia by Chris Mikul

4. The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion

5. The Eccentropedia by Chris Mikul

6. Slaves of New York by Tama Janowitz

7. Arafat Mountain by Mike Kleine

8. Bleak Holiday by Hank Kirton

9. Lost Violent Souls by Andy Nowicki

10. King Dollar by Andre Duza

11. House of Psychotic Women by Kier-La Janisse

12. Pinkies by Shane Hinton

13. Raping the Gods by Brian Whitney

14. Tales of Natural and Unnatural Catastrophes by Patricia Highsmith

15. Motel Life by Willy Vlautin

16. Whatever by Michel Houellebecq

17. The Suiciders by Travis Jeppesen

18. Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

19. Dark Places by Gillian Flynn

20. Confessions of a Failed Egoist by Trevor Blake

21. The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

22. House of Dolls by Ka-tzetnik 135633

23. The Deep Whatsis: A Novel by Peter Mattei



*The book I was reading the day my mother died.