Will I Review Your Book?

7/11/15: For the love of sanity, if your book has not received the most perfunctory editing, do not send it to me. Do not ask me to read it, do not make me aware of it, especially if your book is fiction. I am no longer able to be kind about it. Over the last few months I have received texts so mangled that I wondered if the authors were engaging in compulsive, mindless hypergraphia or were writing in a manner similar to the word salad of the deeply mentally ill.

Nope. They were just terribly-edited books. The Word matters, no matter how experimental a work may be. The mechanics of writing matter. Proper spacing matters. If you can’t immediately state that nowhere in your book will I find five errors on one single page, don’t send me your book. If you decide to send it to me anyway, the best case scenario is that I will send you a link to this page. Worst case scenario is that I will actually review it.

1/22/15: I will be accepting review copies again. Just a heads up: I will only review works that are available for purchase in some manner. If your work is part of a blog or some previously alternative book form I have not thought of yet, I can still read it but won’t discuss it in the same manner I review books. I also really hate dealing with books that are poorly edited so bear that in mind before sending me anything.

You can send any review copies to:
Anita Dalton
PO Box 1346
Pflugerville, TX 78691